Indulgzing is not just for the super rich!


Sometimes being a blogger is just great.

Christin, from Indulgz Bistro, invited me and 3 friends over to try their menu, so we had a grand feast!

The first thing I was looking at the food, which Christin said is European with an oriental touch. Sounds pretty good.

And the second thing I noticed was the price (afterall I had to see how much I tan dio right?) and I realised that for the sort of food shown (which I thought looked pretty much like fine-dining), it is indeed quite cheap leh!

The average main course is like $17? Can compare to Cafe Cartel's sort of prices, except the quality of the food is really quite good leh!

Oh well, you will see...

The 3 siaos waiting for their food inside...

I invited Wong, Teo lala and Weili!

All 3 gluttons lor! Christin said that she got a lot of food for us, and the 3 of them merely smiled and Weili told her to try us. Ha!

We were served this yummy PINK champagne... I'm not mad over alcohol, but it seems that getting into the dreamy nice mood is part of the whole experience here, so I had some too!

I'm really bad with alcohol, but the 3 of them really liked it, saying it is very smooth and sweet. Cool! (Wong said it is quite expensive too.)

Classy right?! And it's pink! So pretty!

First up, appetitisers!

Breaded white button mushrooms with garlic mayo

Deep-fried Camembert Cheese with Berry Compote

Super yummy!

Expensive white button mushrooms instead of the usual shiitake, which restuarants always overcharge for! $5.50 somemore, cheaper than Swensen's!

And the juice seriously flows out lor... The sauce is super garlicy, Mike will love it.

Deep fried cheese flowing... Berry sauce made out of real berries slowly simmered by the chef!

I keep asking Christin why she doesn't want to charge a higher price for her food, but she insists that she opened the restaurant because she wants her customers to feel happy eating there, and it makes her happy too.

Quote: "We want people to believe there is a place where food is good, yet affordable; ambiance is comfortable, cozy and exclusive, and service is as if the servers are your friends."

What?! Wish more shop owners will be like that...

Wong being a glutton

Me feeling quite shiok...

We had our soups next, and seriously, honestly speaking, this is like one of the best mushroom and tomato soups I ever had.

Creamy and Chunky mushroom soup/Tomato and Basil

It is so good and yummy and creamy and tasty!

The mushroom is my favourite, and the tomato is great too, it's not too sour and I love it that none of the food here is too strong-tasting, thus spoiling appetites for more.

We were served up with something really unique next: Cheese fondue!

According to Christin very few places serve it, and it's not too expensive at Indulgz either, $16.20!

The chef clearly had something up her sleeve as she included white wine and cherry liquor in the cheese so it doesn't feel too jelat. Smart!

Weili liked the cheese so much he used it to dip everything. -_-

Main courses!

Oxtail stew, comes with truffled hand-mashed potatoes!

Shuyin says she likes this dish the best coz the sauce is damn yummy can! The oxtail is soaked in red wine overnight to absorb the flavour; I must say Indulgz really spares no cost in making their food good lor...

Anyway, for those of you who didn't already know, truffles are super expensive... It's a kind of rare mushroom, and it is added to the mashed potatoes, which are quite fab to say the least!

See, I like it.

Next... My favourite dish of all!

Butterfish steak!

It is steam-baked (I don't really know these terms, but Christin said only the freshest fish can be done this way, and Indulgz never freezes any of its ingredients), and I don't care how it's done, as long as they keep serving it!

Butterfish is kinda rare in Singapore and is usually quite expensive, so I expect most of you won't have eaten it before, but in my humble opinion it tastes almost like cod, except not as fatty or oily.

I love it so much leh...


So smooth and juicy and I can almost taste it!

Such a thick slab too, super wu hua!

Christmas stuffed turkey breast up next...

The turkey is breast meat, but surprisingly very tender and soft! It is stuffed with minced turkey, and dried fruits and nuts...

To add to the Christmasy feeling, it is drenched with cranberry sauce and that orange stuff you see is mashed sweet potato!

Weili ate a lot of it, thinking it was pumpkin... It's not like conventional mushed sweet potato - it is not that sweet (as I said the food in Indulgz are all very subtle and not over-powering), and very appetitizing. A must-try!

Well, the food is really good!

We had the restaurant's signature dish next, which I was really excited about.

Chef's Crispy Pasta with Chicken Mushroom Cream Sauce!

Isn't it unique?

Angel-hair pasta is deep-fried and then drained of all it's oil, then drenched in yummy cream sauce, thinly sliced mushrooms and also slivers of chicken!

Like Chinese "sheng mian", except with very yummy cream sauce.

Can eat it crispy, or leave it in the sauce a bit to make it softer. Either way, I like this dish a lot too! It's a battle between this and the butterfish steak for me.

WE ARE SOooo FULL!!!!!!

And we still have dessert ok!


Indulgz's Panna Cotta

I like this! It tastes like big rabbit milk candy! Not too sweet and creamy and smooth. =D Like custard. Love it!

Homemade chocolate mousse, with strawberry and fresh cream

Made fresh in the kitchen! It's made of dark chocolate.

Shuyin and Weili and Wong really liked this coz it tastes really rich and thick; it's totally different from your typical cheap conventional chocolate mousse which is very foamy, kinda.

Despite our fullness still managed to gobble everything up

Chocolate fondue!

There's just SOMETHING about the chocolate that's different, and Christin refuses to tell me what the secret ingredient in her chocolate was!

Unlike the mousse this melted dark chocolate is sweeter but without being too over-powering (for the lack of a better descriptive word), and Shuyin guessed that it was coffee beans added but Christin said she is wrong.

Oh well, go try and find out! Really curious what it is.

I tried to toast my marshmallow against the tealights but it burnt!


Indulgz's food may look quite expensive, but it's not that sort of prudish place that you can't have fun at, so have fun we did!

Eeyer, look at the Weili...

Haha with fondue on his teeth!


Weili, "Shuyin looks like she got one golden tooth!"

Nobody can outgross Weili and Wong lor... He even taught us how to spread the chocolate (ie putting some on your tongue and spreading it on your teeth evenly with saliva).

We had smoothies too!

Strawberry and Yogurt Smoothie / Mango and Peach Smoothie

Refreshing and delicious. I liked the mango better, but Wong loved the strawberry and yogurt. I think it's very funny how humans have different preferences. Alright, that's a weird thought, but I thought about how our tongues are like built the same way, yet we can like different things. Odd.

Acting like we fell in love...

Was really kinda awkward although I love my Teo lala..

Weili and Wong then pro lor!

Laugh it out first

Then serious for the camera.

Everyone being super happy about our meal!!!

Final pic to show how much we love Indulgz:


Visit Indulgz next time you go to Bugis! (And I think Bugis has a serious lack of things to eat if you are not interested in having steamboat that day)

It's in Tan Quee Lan street, which is 5 mins away from Bugis Junction (walk towards the apple strudel place) and directly opposite the DHL balloon, along the row of Tian tian huo guo!

If you are thinking of going out for dinner this Christmas, can try reserving a spot at Indulgz too! Do it before the 20th and identify yourself as a Xiaxue reader - and you get 10% off!! Can have a look at their Xmas menu here. =D

If you do go, I guess I will see you guys there coz I think I will be going often for my butterfish steak too!

p/s (Christin says): "New year's food and wine pairing set" and countdown party from 10pm onwards, door charge of $15.50nett will entitle you to a buffet of sweet finger food like cookies, muffins, danishes, donuts etc. Whole idea of this "sweet buffet" is to have a sweet starting for the new year!

All booze will only be for $5.50nett each. Premium housepours (Vodka, Bourbon, Tequila, Gin) with sodas, tiger & heneiken beer and house wines! Only opening doors for 80 people. Reservations preferred. Customers who come for new year's dinner will have door charge waivered.

Call 6238 7032, or email at

p/s: Is my old nose. By royal decreed of Mediacorp, no pic of the new nose on my blog till the last episode, which will be in february! Anyway it is super duper swollen now, so you won't wanna see it! Shuyin and Wanyi says it is nice, Ek and the rv gang say no better or worse, just different. Oh well!

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