A spanking new nose


In case you guys didn't cotton on with the first ep of GOL, I just did my nose job with Dr Martin Huang!

It lasted 7.5 hours I think! *all boggle-eyed* I slept for maybe 2 hours, and for the rest of the time I kept talking cock to Dr Huang, haha!

It will be filmed and shown (ala nip/tuck) on the 8th and season finale of Girls Out Loud, and also featured exclusively first on 8 days, complete with photos of surgery and me with totally no make up!

Yeah, so if you are any form of publication who wishes to interview me too, send me an email at xiaxue@gmail.com!!!!!

*hops around in excitement*

More pictures and an advertorial tomorrow. Very sleepy, just took the pills (man, so many) and I have to be careful not to sleep on the nose and try not to on the sides either!!!!

P/s: Will delete all comments that says I am copying certain bloggers, or that you guys are disappointed by me. From articles like this, you know know that I wanted a nose job a long time ago, just that I didn't have to money to do it till now (since it's sponsored by the best surgeon, of course jump at the chance man!).

Also, I am not gonna make excuses like I broke my nose or flat out deny that I did surgery. I don't like the nose, so I did something about it. No big deal. And don't judge, you ain't no moral saint, any more than you are my momo.

p/p/s: Also please don't say that there is nothing wrong with my nose. The noses that you guys have seen on this blog are all heavily photoshopped.. :) So yeah!

Love ya all!!!!!

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