Thanksgiving in Texas, Kandi Bar, Smiley lattes and a few self-shots!

Shitload of photos! All super backdated, and yeah, this is before the nose job. :D

Wanyi, Weili, and Shuyin came to send me off on my 30 hour trip!

Typically, Momo monopolises the conversation, and Teo lala looks bored! I think she was talking about how she cleverly saves carpark fees by parking somewhere for $3 a whole day then taking a bus.

Arrived at the Taipei International Airport, which is the BEST!!!!

Food is fab, and there is free internet connections, with loads of drinks all having celebrity faces! (ah Mei on my green tea)

I found a free socket, bought a drink, and sat on a high chair feeling really comfy as I listened to Jay Chou's new songs blasting over the cafe's stereos. Wonderful!

LAX should learn! (It really sucks, too many ridiculous inefficient checks, takes 3 hours at least to transit, and has NO FREE INTERNET! Nabeh give free to poor transiting people like me will die ah!)

My sweet luggage!

Momo bought this little bunny thing, and when u unzip it, it opens up into a very comfy blanket!

I swear it's the best invention ever, totally useful when you get cold... or lonely... on the plane!

I don't know how boys get their source of comfort, but stuffed bunnies are surely the way to go for girls!

Fur boots from Korea, has luxurious leopard-print fur lined inside to keep my calves warm!

I bought a white pouch with like 8 compartments in it, and I think this is a must-have for all long-haul fliers!

Inside - my passport and all relevant documents, my phone, some sweets to chew so your ears get better when pressure goes crazy during take-off, wallet, lip balm, a cute pen necessary for filling in forms, tissue for emergencies, the hole there for my camera, and also a mirror!

I love pouches, feel very secure with all your important stuff fastened to your waist!

Arrived at Las Vegas! So exciting to be here again, with all the slot machines ringing, but I only had 58 mins to transit and I swear I almost missed my flight can!

Poor bunny dropped to the back of my luggage, got dragged on the dirty floor for like 15 mins before I realised it, and got REALLY filthy and dusty. Ewww!

Luckily I had wet tissues in my luggage.

Arrival in Mike's place!

Fell promptly asleep. He has this window curtain thing which is like a pirate skull, and it gives me nightmares coz it's so ugly, so.....

I told you the bunny is useful!

Freezing cold there!

Drove 5 hours to Dallas for thanksgiving... Won't it be nice if Singapore had rainbow skies like this?


Mike brought me to a lake house, it belongs to his uncle I think, and is pretty secluded and has a lake next to it!

By "next to it" I mean you have to drive a golf buggy to go there.

Isn't it nice? I don't know about the grass, but the sky does certainly seem more blue around there!

Mike found a quartz and gave it to me *super er xin smile*

With his mom, Ann... She looks a lot prettier in real life, but I only took one photo of her!

Anyway Mike's relatives are super nice people... I'm beginning to think that Southern people are really sweet; they genuinely seem to care and put in a lot of effort to make people feel good, but it's sad that movies always protray them to be quite crazy... Like the Hills Have Eyes! Or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Ann's dog Liz...

Mike being cute. Well, one of his better photos! He is really bad at taking pics! -_-

Us... I drove to the lake! Very fun, gonna go learn driving soon and hopefully Mercedes will sponsor me an SLK!

What what?! One can dream can't she?!

So much food!
Lemon pie, chocolate and cherry pie, etc etc, all homemade goodness!

We went to a really nice hotel, but it has a really awful name...


I don't know why Americans can come up with some names and have like an entire board of directors agree to it, it's so weird!

Bronzed cowboy! Have to stuff a bill into his pocket after you are done taking a pic with him.

Electric fire! I wanted to see a real one with logs and all, but well, technology has advanced!

Christmasy decorations...

And we stole a snowflake from their deco and hung it on the car mirror!

A hole in my stocking... I think it adds to the slut appeal. Ha!

Went to eat at Logan's Roadhouse, my baby's treat!

His eyes look somewhat green here... I like it when they turn green!

Very yummy steak with two choosable side dishes! Unfortunately got my steak medium instead of medium-rare, turned out a little tough. Bah!

Flying back to Singapore...

Very sad, but life goes on. Hopefully Mike comes here soon with a good job!

Oh yeah! Got a horror story to tell... At LAX, I requested the guy in charge of China Airlines (what to do, no money...) to give me an emergency exit seat!

Now these seats have super extra leg room, so I was really happy when I got it for my 14 hour LAX to Taipei flight!

However, the whole airplane was chock-full of Vietnamese people (the men kept shoving people around, I dunno what their problem is!), and I had the misfortune of sitting next to a SUPER SMELLY OLD MAN CAN?!

At first he just gave out whiffs of a sourish, tangy smell, and I just ignored it coz it floated over like once every 15 mins.

I took a sleeping pill and dozed off for 10 or so hours (another 4 to go), and woke up to find that his "scent" was increasingly strong and getting more frequent!

I was really quite queasy from it, when he FARTED OK!

The sour smell plus the fart smell was enough to make me hurl, so I just fanned myself vigourously, hoping he gets the hint and won't do it again!

But he did! Like 5 times!

Now since we were sitting at the exit seats, the toilets were, like, what, a whole 1.5 metres away, and I don't understand why this stupid old man (he is like 50 so he can still walk perfectly well) can't just go to the loo to fart!

I was feeling quite trapped, when breakfast came.

It was delicious cheese omelette.

Now the stupid old man was leaning back on his seat right, and when his food was served to him, he had to lean forwards to eat it.

He was wearing a navy blue jacket, and when he leaned forwards, I saw that the back of his jacket was TOTALLY COVERED IN DANDRUFF OK!


So bloody gross can!


The dandruff is not white, not yellow, but a DARK DARK BROWN!

The disgusting flakes snowed all over his back, his shoulders, his neck, and you can even see them trapped WITHIN HIS SHORT HAIR!

I was so grossed out, but I sat down long enough to finish my omelette coz I was so hungry, then I fled my roomy seat and went to sit with another Vietnamese lady who was nice enough to let me sit next to her.

While I was eating the omelette I kept thinking the dandruff of his is going to fall into my plate, garnishing my cheese omelette, so I kept having severe vomitting sensations. Gross! Will never forget that horrible smell!

The fucking old man doesn't seem to think he did anything wrong, and when we were alighting he kept on looking at me menacingly like I shouldn't have left that seat next to him.

I was damn scared he would beat me up or something.

Not because of the pain but because he is SOOOOOOO filthy!

Oh god I am having puking sensations AGAIN!

Opening of Kandi Bar!

Teo lala, Vyasa, me, and Ann Ling

A lot of angmohs! Dunno where they get all the angmohs to come from...

We are quite happy with our peach champagne.

Entire wall full of stuffed crocodiles!

Live band

Supper with Wong, PY and Ah dong at macs!

So nice!

Peiying gamely agrees to a photo...

But Wong is being evasive as usual. Bah!

Xiao feng being evasive too...

No wonder PY is such a camwhore, look at the amount of passport photos she has!

Amazing can! Have you seen anyone with more? All different ones!

Eekean arranged it to become a family tree...

It's like horrible incest over and over again...

Lime came over for a photoshoot, so I thought since I have make up on, might as well camwhore a bit too like the PY...

p/s: Someone uploaded Girls Out Loud on youtube! So now you overseas readers can go watch. =D

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