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Bimbo enough or not!!! I had on these super long acrylic nails that were super hard, and Mike tossed me on the bed (he insist that I clarify he was not being violent but just fun-loving) and I had my hands underneath me, so the nail was bent inwards and since it was so hard, it didn't break at the white part, but cracked neatly down the middle of the PINK part !!! Damn fucking painful la!!! Mike kept apologizing and telling me it's not a permanent damage because he had his own fingernails torn off before numerous times... Eh, apparently he worked at this factory or something where he had to carry super heavy cardboard boxes and whenever his grip slipped and the boxes dropped, his whole fingernails would come right off. NASTY!!!! Damn gross la!!! So anyway, I cut off the acrylic tips and so now, I still have two parts of a fingernail on my nail bed!!! I DON'T UNDERSTAND!! What's going to happen? Is the top pink nail part going to eventually grow out and drop o

New eps!!! Xiaxue's Guide to Life Episode 9 - Aunt Agony For all you people who've ever emailed me asking for answers to your life problems! News Asia On The Net Episode 8 - Karaoke and Nipples In this episode - a guy who got shot for singing off-key, and another who lost a nipple because of an exploding cellphone!!

Flying in 2 hours

Gonna be gone from Singapore in 2 hours' time! Sorry for the lack of blogging recently... I've got nothing interesting to blog about and quite frankly I've been super busy lately, especially this week, preparing for the trip. So, I'm gonna be in Dallas soon! Quite exciting, even though the damn flight is like fucking 30 hours or something, if you include transit times. Bah! We bought sibeh a lot of food though, and I have my PSP, laptop, DS lite, and reactivated Tamagotchi to accompany me!! I am sooooo tired... Just to inform you guys, although I am bringing my lappie with me, I estimate that the next time I blog will be like in 1 week's time. Or more. Not gonna make any promises. I'll try to revive my dying blogging career when I come back. Maybe I'd go be a scriptwriter instead, hmmm... xoxo y'all!!!!!! Merry Xmas!!! XX

New eps!!!

Xiaxue's Guide to Life Momo and I go to something new: A fish spa! The fishes chew on our feet's dead skin; hilarity ensues. Look at me!! I sound like one of those TV synopsis writers!! News Asia On the Net In this ep Howard and Debbie discusses the many, many perils of marriage, as once again Debbie shows her deranged side. Hahaha!

A Bistro for All Your Special Occasions

Advertorial Wondering where to go for dinner this Xmas? Everywhere has been tried before perhaps, and you don't want to spend an exorbitant amount? Then you can try going to Indulgz !! Their food is yummy, the service is good, and it's conveniently located at Tan Quee Lan St, opposite the DHL balloon at Bugis! They invited me for the 3rd time ( 1st )( 2nd ) to try out their ever-expanding/improvised menu, and this time the lucky people who got to go are Weili, Shuyin, Wanyi and Mike... Hehe... It has almost become a tradition to take a photo with Indulgz's doors. A happy little signboard: Gluttony!! The day before we went to Indulgz, Shuyin told me that Weili was excitedly telling her that he was very excited about the exciting, complimentary, and yummy food he was going to eat... Haha! Ok la to be fair Wanyi not so gluttony. Xmas tree! The place is already decked out with little cosy decorations. I should have took more pics of the ambiance but guess