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Sian! It's Monday again and too soon it will be the last episode of Girls Out Loud !!! Really looking forward to it though, coz the last ep will be the most fabulous of all, inclusive of the all gory nose job. I hope the censors let it in! 10pm, Channel 5 - Monday! I saw a bangala worker nursing a smashed head wound today at Teban Gdns!! He was dripping blood on the ground and his friend was helping him. It looks like someone hit him on the head with some beer bottle! Poor guy. Speaking of beer bottle smashing, I've always wanted to try smashing one at the edge of the table but I am afraid I will cut myself/glass fly into eyeball, etc, so I never really got to doing it. I heard tho, that if you smash the bottle against the table like they do in the movies, the bottle will break very close to the part where you hold it, i.e. more than 2/3 of the bottle will be gone, leaving you with a ridiculous-looking stump of a bottle. Sounds really stupid! I am imagining some stupid
No pork! Super funny lar!


Mike's in the shower and I thought I'd quickly blog something before you guys hold a grudge against me. I was out with my cousin Cally to try on her wedding gown the other day, and my relatives were all commenting that the nose looked a bit crooked. I think this is coz I bumped into Mike's nose the other day when we were *blush* kissing, and now the implant has shifted into a weirdass position!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! Horrors of horrors. Before I had another appointment with Dr Huang, I was trying to make it look straight on the mirror, and I realised, to do that, I have to smile a strange loop-sided smile!! Ah, that explains some things. So yeah lor, people who are thinking of doing nose jobs - don't think that the adventure ends after the surgery! Got to keep being cautious and everything. I attempted to dig my nose the other day (first time in 2 months!) and the nostril seemed so small and delicate, even the last finger can't fit in! Didn't know the

Nothing much happening

Sorry for the long delay in updates, there seems to be nothing really much going on in my life recently unless you count I tio bao in MJ for Benny's spectacular Da San Yuan, in which the red, green and white is all I throw one. He got 4 tai outside also so bao big card, and I threw the hong zhong coz I got 1 colour and 1 centipede, then tio bao. Then after that I got fa cai and I throw again, bao bai ban. Then I throw the bai ban!! I reckon better I throw than he zi mo, correct? Bahness. Back to happier news: Mike is coming to Singapore again!!!! I am sooooo happy! It's great to have a boyfriend! Now I won't have to fret on Valentine's day coz he will be here!! :D On V day we would have been together for 11 months already leh! Woah! Mike officially broke Larry's (1998-1999) all-time-high record of 10 months! ALL WELCOME THE CHAMPION! He is now officially called " The Love of My Life "! I need to break the cursed 1 year benchmark. I'd then offi


There we go again... Once we touch the untouchables - the raped, the handicapped, the terminally ill, the deformed, the whatevers - people start getting all riled up and angry, before they even hear properly what you have to say. How about this? Just because someone is victimized, somehow, by society, someone else or by their own misfortune, it DOES NOT MEAN THEY CAN DO NO WRONG . A handicapped person can also be mean, unreasonable. Maybe yes, because he is shortchanged in life we try to give in to him, but meanness is meanness, and cannot be justified just because he is in a wheelchair. In that case, if a healthy walking person is mean, you judge him - then isn't it very unfair to the physically abled person? What IF he has some sort of mental disability inside him that made him mean? Meanness seems mild - I'm just using it because of my blog entry about handicapped toilets, but feel free to replace it with any other unpleasant word. If you want to be a bloody moral sain

Would you have sex with this guy?

Updated August 2012: I've made the choice to delete this article because despite it being written 5 years ago, people still keep quoting it to make it seem like I am the utimate monster who somehow advocates rape. Don't be fucking ridiculous.  NOBODY ADVOCATES RAPE, OK?? I may not have been raped before but I've been molested plenty of times. And time and again I have proven my very strong stance on the outrage of a woman's modesty. I always stand up for my fellow women when they are genuinely taken advantage of. Why don't you idiot haters quote these instead? LINK LINK LINK So you want to know what this article was about? Well one day I saw this article on the papers. It is about a US marine, Daniel Smith, 21, who got charged with a life sentence for raping a Filipino girl named Nicole. The more I read the story the more fishy it seems to me. I have explained all my reasons for believing that Nicole was NOT raped HERE in the follow up article

"Are you Xiaxue?"

Brad Pitt was reportedly in Panama when a someone asked if he is Brad Pitt, in which he smiled mysteriously and replied, "Sometimes". Actually the report just said he smiled, but I am gonna go ahead and presume that he did it mysteriously with a small wink, because that's how I imagine Brad Pitt to be. I bet the dude have been thinking about how to reply this oft-asked question for hours, without the usual, "Er, yes?" and when he thought of "Sometimes" (with the correct amount of mysterious smile set into it, naturally) he hit gold!! From today onwards, I shall reply, "sometimes" to the question of whether I am Xiaxue. It makes people wonder, during the times when she is not Xiaxue, what is she? A talented violin player? Or perhaps a practising shaman? And they think, Wow, there must be so much more going on beneath that radiant smile and fake nose, it's all intriguing and stuff. Don't laugh, I'm practicing my mysterious smi

Nothing in particular

I just feel like rambling on today, as if this is really a diary, so if you get bored, pardon me. People have been emailing me asking about getting nose jobs, and it's suddenly like I am the expert in plastic surgery! I know I am kinda warped, but I feel proud to have had done it, akin to, say, joining the mile high club (ie having sex on the plane) or something. If you are 22 like me, do you know anyone who have done plastic surgery before? Besides frivolous aquaintances, I don't know ANYONE who has done it! I don't think it's BRAVERY or COURAGE, like so many of you have said... I DIGRESS! Why do you guys keep saying I am brave? That's ridiculously weird; I don't think I'm brave at all, and a word like that is used to describe people who die for their friends in the warfield, or go on a death mission up a space shuttle to blast a meteorite approaching Earth, etc... not for someone who did a fucking nose job. That sort of just degrades that word. Cou

Diary of the nose

I wrote this just for keeps, so it's not interestingly written, but if you guys are interested to know how the surgery went... :) Day of surgery: Was pretty nervous about my surgery, but I really loved the crew of Girls Out Loud, so I felt quite happy that they were all there with me... The guys were pretending to be macho and didn't show a scared side, but my director Gillian, producer Joan, our assistant producer Ashley, stylish Elisa, and of course Rozz was there too, and they kept shooting me scared looks and told me it will be cool and I shouldn't worry. Before the surgery started it was all hectic coz I had to do an interview with 8 days, eat a bit of lunch (supposed to be a 4.5 hour surgery!), swallow a gazillion pills, as well as change into my surgical gown and remove all my make up!!!! Momo came too, with my Auntie Susan, and she was quite emotional and all, hugging me and crying... -_- At this point I started feeling a little jittery, coz although I would