Saturday, January 6, 2007

"Are you Xiaxue?"

Brad Pitt was reportedly in Panama when a someone asked if he is Brad Pitt, in which he smiled mysteriously and replied, "Sometimes".

Actually the report just said he smiled, but I am gonna go ahead and presume that he did it mysteriously with a small wink, because that's how I imagine Brad Pitt to be.

I bet the dude have been thinking about how to reply this oft-asked question for hours, without the usual, "Er, yes?" and when he thought of "Sometimes" (with the correct amount of mysterious smile set into it, naturally) he hit gold!!

From today onwards, I shall reply, "sometimes" to the question of whether I am Xiaxue.

It makes people wonder, during the times when she is not Xiaxue, what is she? A talented violin player? Or perhaps a practising shaman? And they think, Wow, there must be so much more going on beneath that radiant smile and fake nose, it's all intriguing and stuff.

Don't laugh, I'm practicing my mysterious smile, and it is coming on very well indeed.

You will be shocked by my stellar quality.

*waves regally*