Mike's in the shower and I thought I'd quickly blog something before you guys hold a grudge against me.

I was out with my cousin Cally to try on her wedding gown the other day, and my relatives were all commenting that the nose looked a bit crooked.

I think this is coz I bumped into Mike's nose the other day when we were *blush* kissing, and now the implant has shifted into a weirdass position!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Horrors of horrors.

Before I had another appointment with Dr Huang, I was trying to make it look straight on the mirror, and I realised, to do that, I have to smile a strange loop-sided smile!! Ah, that explains some things.

So yeah lor, people who are thinking of doing nose jobs - don't think that the adventure ends after the surgery! Got to keep being cautious and everything.

I attempted to dig my nose the other day (first time in 2 months!) and the nostril seemed so small and delicate, even the last finger can't fit in! Didn't know the bloody nose holes used to be so big!

I went to see Dr Huang, and the first thing he said when he saw me was, "It's crooked now."

I was like, -_-|| Dammit!

So yeah lor, he tried to push the implant back into position, and it was quite painful. :( Good news is that he said it still can be rectified and instructed me to keep on massaging it everyday. :(

And I kept massaging it, then it obtained a FUCKING LOAD of blackheads, and Cellnique can't even work coz as long as the blackheads come out I go ahead and massage some more into the pores.

Even better, two pimples grew on each side of the nose, and they CAN'T BE SQUEEZED due to their awkward positioning and fragile nature of my breathe hole.

So in conclusion, my nose is crooked, full of blackheads, and has two zits on it.

All that because of a little bit of enthusiastic kissing. GOD DAMN!


It appears to me that there seems to be an ebb of bloggers attempting to make blogging their living too.

I am pretty annoyed, coz before me, in Singapore at least, there was no one else.

No other full-time blogger.

I had to come out with the prices, the strategies, the methods, all by myself, and people are simply lifting them off me now, because I have proven to make things work.

That's ok, shit happens.

What I'm not ok with is when bloggers do not follow a code of ethics.

I remember the era where there was only mrbrown, Miyagi, and myself... Those were good times, and the boys were honest bloggers. We discussed stuff like blog ethics and how to earn money and at the same time remain real and truthful to our readers.

If you want to advertise, make it clear it is an advertisement, else nobody is ever going to trust the things you say the next time you introduce products or services.

Or worse, if blog readers find out about dishonesty? That I don't even want to imagine.

Once, it was student recruitment time, and a polytechnic approached me to do advertising on my blog.

We discussed about advertorials, and the fee came up to $5,000 worth of money, but the big guys were were not comfortable with the tiny "Advertorial" word on the top of my paid blog entries.

Guy asked me if I could not put THAT word up - they are willing to pay much more without it. Board might get some controversy if they were seen advertising with someone who wrote about handicapped toilets, they said.

I won't say I wasn't tempted - $5,000 is a bloody lot of money.

And it will be easy, all I have to say is that I visited the polytechnic and took some photos...

But I made this promise and I intended to keep it.

I was complaining about this to my RV friends that day, and to my surprise, none of them were even slightly agreeing with my views!

Ghimz said that if he were a blogger, he would charge two prices for advertorials, and the "subtle" one would be more expensive.

The rest seemed to not know that bloggers were not supposed to mask ads as blog entries anyway!!

I am shell-shocked!

You are telling me, all these years, after losing so much money by keeping to my ethics, that nobody even appreciates it?

And XXX blogger, when linking an advertiser who also approached me, has his/her link to work perfectly simply because he/she acted like she linked the advertiser out of the goodness of his/her heart?


I am one pissed off blogger!

Tell me what you guys think. Should bloggers be honest? Should paid links be stated as paid? Or won't it matter to you?

I am sooooo pissed off.


On a totally similar note, advertisers should be happy to know that it has been six months since the pixel advertising first took place, and the inital ads are all expiring.

As such, I am having a HUGE HUGE SALE RIGHT NOW!!

Each square there is only $30, and yes, $30 gets you a link on Xiaxue's blog! 2 squares? $60. And so on and so forth.

Nab this cheap chance and get your prime spots before someone else does, so click here. :D

(P/s: Left Mike alone to go listen to his mp3 player while I blogged! Poor boy looks quite bored, you guys should be touched. :D)

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