Sian! It's Monday again and too soon it will be the last episode of Girls Out Loud!!!

Really looking forward to it though, coz the last ep will be the most fabulous of all, inclusive of the all gory nose job. I hope the censors let it in!

10pm, Channel 5 - Monday!

I saw a bangala worker nursing a smashed head wound today at Teban Gdns!! He was dripping blood on the ground and his friend was helping him. It looks like someone hit him on the head with some beer bottle!

Poor guy.

Speaking of beer bottle smashing, I've always wanted to try smashing one at the edge of the table but I am afraid I will cut myself/glass fly into eyeball, etc, so I never really got to doing it.

I heard tho, that if you smash the bottle against the table like they do in the movies, the bottle will break very close to the part where you hold it, i.e. more than 2/3 of the bottle will be gone, leaving you with a ridiculous-looking stump of a bottle.

Sounds really stupid! I am imagining some stupid ah beng breaking the bottle and then looking totally flustered and embarrassed in front of his enemy, and cue *kua kua kua* music. Ha!!

Anyway, regarding the video, I didn't think it is racist! It's the guy's angry reaction that's funny, and the way he speaks. The way he speaks is funny not because of his Indian accent, but because he speaks funny. *shrugs*

As for the muslim thing, well, it's just like going into a vegetarian restaurant asking for meat, isn't it? Just very ridiculous-sounding, but nothing malicious. :)

Ha! You guys have like no sense of humour.

Not funny? That sound clip should win an oscar!

Till laters, and remember to watch Girls Out Loud!!

p/s: After tomorrow's ep I will be able to post up my after nose job pics. :D

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