Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I am rich!!!!!! Although $325 may not be a lot compared to what some ah sia kias (rich people's sons) are getting, but it's still a pretty good sum of effortless cash!

Daddy gave me the most money ($200), followed by a mysterious parent (I think it's Kelvin's) who gave the second most: $28.

Angpows are sooooo shiok! It's the best thing about being Chinese, followed closely by xiao long baos (and various other cuisines such as the salted egg yolk prawns) and the beautiful language of Mandarin.

This year I kept getting invited to prestigious houses to bai nian! Qing asked me to go to her sister's place (I actually yelped in excitement in the middle of mahjong) although I am forbidden to tell you guys who she is (if you guess it correctly in the comments I will delete it!).

And then Ming asked me to go to this guy's place... HIS HOUSE GOT FLAMINGOS AND PEACOCKS WALKING AROUND CAN!!!!!!

And it's supposedly super super big too!!

Too bad the stupid Junne dua me in the end, so I had no one to go with me and missed the opportunity. See la, she made you guys miss an interesting blog entry! Never mind, still got next year!

Some of you might be hmpf-ing at me and asking, "What makes you think you will even live till next year? Your obesity will kill you soon!"

First of all, I am trying my best to diet in the midst of ba kwa and unlimited snacks lying around, ok! Stop saying I am fat!

Secondly, I am determinded to stay alive till next year at least, because I NEED to read the last Harry Potter book before I die!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Doesn't it sound extremely forbidding and exciting? YES IT DOES!

I'm going to go into Harry Potter frenzy again!! JK Rowling announced that the book will be published on 21st July, and that, my blogders, will be the day I... no, one day after that (gimme some time to read the book), will be the day you can kill me.

I mean, of course I still won't be very happy about being killed, but hey, at least I won't be pondering in hell what happened to Harry...

Bill and Fleur are gonna get married! And Victor Krum is coming back into the scene! How will Ron react? Is Dumbledore really dead? How did Rowling get so funny?

She is so totally my favourite writer. I know you guys thought I sounded really stupid in that GoL ep with SPG but I am NOT kidding when I said that the Harry Potter series (as a whole) is my favourite book in the world.

Why would people choose a cheam and dull book to be their favourite? The Harry Potter series is intriguing and funny and a breeze to read. Perfect! I am not ashamed of my choice and I will not be conformed into saying any other book is my favourite!


A few pictures. It's like a Mike Galore, I shot so much pictures of him!

Me and Him at the new Marche. Or V'iage or whatever it is called now, still the same damn thing.

Unshaven and drinking!

Rozz asked me to go the Biotherm launch, they gave us $500 worth of Biotherm vouchers!!! *boggle-eyed*

I had SUCH a good time choosing all my products.

Thought I'd put up the uncensored version of this photo.

Mike's olive green eye

I took this while he was lying in bed beside me. It's so bloody unfair! Look at how pretty real coloured eyes are! It's so intriguing; the sea-green blends into the brown and forms a flower-like pattern.

GRRRRR. Why can't ALL the races have coloured eyes?

Hmmm cute

Last day of being blonde

I somehow look like a tranny in that picture. Why?

Anyway, black hair.

It's so funny! I never really thought about what race I look like, and I just always presumed I look Chinese even with light-coloured hair.

But only after I dyed my hair (and cut my stupid fringe to go with it) did I realise how much more oriental I looked!

After Mike and I *ahem-ed* that day, I caught our reflection in the mirror and exclaimed with a loud gasp, "Oh my god! We just had inter-racial sex! That's like so weird!!"

He frowned at me and said placidly that has been happening for some time now, but well, before this I always had the same-ish hair colour as him so it really never occured to me how fundamentally different we are!

(Isn't it funny? People think it's crude when you talk about having sex, but everyone with children, or pregnant ladies, are doing exactly the same thing except it's not out loud. They all have sex too!)

Black hair

Went to Weili's farewell party at his club...

Weili has the same pose in so many pictures! Hahaha...

You can't see it, but the hair colour is really dark blue! The dye stains the back of shirts, towels, as well as pillow cases a dull purplish tone. Not good!

The dye and cut courtesy of Kimage, of course.

Sudden irrelevant photo: My beautiful nails!

I am so talented! I stuck on my residue crystals on the nails and they look SOOO splendid.

Mike Mike Mike:

In case you are wondering about the straw, we were trying to take a photo and see what the straw will look like. We found out it mostly would be an uninteresting blur.

Ha! I found his perfect angle while he was using the comp, so I made him take a dozen photos in that pose!

Wong is siao! She asked us all to go to iFuture at the Science Center, which, in my humble opinion, is quite boring.

All they had as a redeeming factor is this neat optical illusion!

Isn't it cool?? With some mirrors they made it look like someone with a sense of humour chopped Wong's and Mike's heads to put on fruit platters.

Mike's "dead" face is totally unconvincing. Wong's much better as an actress.

That's all for today! I got a lot of pictures of my KL trip, as well as CNY day 1 and 2.


p/s: Are the colours of the pictures nice? Did something special with them. :) And also, yes, these are the photos AFTER the nose job. There's no need to scrutinize, coz I STILL edit my face, ha! Don't blame me! I'm just a perfectionist like that!

p/p/s: Mike is NOT younger than me. He is 26 this year!!