Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy CNY


My muscles are aching ALL OVER!!!!!

Momo and I went to Ikea and bought $350 worth of furnishing stuff (all paid by me -_- except for the paint which Momo kindly sponsored), including two new cupboards and a cute flower nightlight!

Momo took my loft bed over to her room ("easier to vaccuum") and left me with a super-single mattress to sleep on the floor till she buys a new bed for me :D

Many years ago when we just moved in here, I told my mom I wanted my room pink, so she bought pink paint for me... But I really don't like that shade (like strawberry ice-cream shade... I know! I am so difficult), so today! I finally did something about it and painted a wall a deep shade of pink!

I think I'll either put mirrors half over it or paint a mural.

Meanwhile, Mike seems to have secured a job here (all fingers crossed), and it is my one true wish that he turns into a rich angmoh! Then I'll be one of those girls dating rich angmohs - which, I can only imagine, rules!!!!


It will possibly rule till some maid walking along Orchard road tries to seduce my rich angmoh by feeding him some nasi kangkang.

Nasi kangkang, a single most disgusting person informed me some time ago, is, erm... cursed rice.

When fed to a man, he will be smitten by you and will do anything for you!

Erm, apparently, the way to make nasi kangkang (or so I heard, do correct me if I am wrong) is to cook a bowl of steaming rice and...


And thus the water drips back into the rice, and all that's left now is to feed it to the man of your choice, and he is yours!!!!!


So gross!

The byebye won't burn meh, I thought steam is 100 degrees leh! Orh bi good if she burns I guess, serves her right for resorting to trickery like this!

Ha! I am imagining some chick trying to do this and burning her genitals. She'll be hopping around feeling damn pissed off with herself! Not only did she not succeed in making a bowl of nasi kangkang, even if the boy likes her out of his own will she can't have sex with him coz she is burnt! MUAHAHA

Obviously, some of you may be frowning now, thinking, "Why would Mike accept a bowl of rice from some strange female?"

That, my dear friend, is good and logical thinking, but angmohs are super greedy and will eat anything! I'm just saying.

I got shitloads of photos but no time to edit them yet.

And for those of you who wanted Rozz's blog add, here it is! She's a pretty good blogger I must say. :)

Pictures maybe tomorrow or the day after.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone and many many angpows!!!!!

p/s: Mike left for home yesterday and I am really sad coz I wanted to dress him up in a traditional navy blue mandarin collar satin shirt. I thought he would look so good in it! When I told him this, he shook his head and said he is not my doll. Bah! He is not a fun and oriental-loving angmoh.