Happy V day

Just got back from a holiday in Malaysia with Gillian, Rozz, Ashley, and their respective boyfriends/husband.

Sorry for the lack in updates lar! I brought my laptop there and wanted to blog, but as it turns out there is no free wifi in M'sia. Sorry!

We had SUCH great food in Penang! I officially call it the best restaurant in the world, coz they served the best lala, crab (cheese crab!) and prawns I've ever eaten, with the prawns being the most fab of all.

It was shelled (leaving just the head and the tail bits) and deep-fried and breaded with what appears to be a mixture of golden-brown batter and salted egg yolk!!


I've been feeling very tormented lately coz I really want a tattoo and my mom and Mike both don't like the idea.

I'd go ahead and do it, but Momo threatens to throw me out of the house, and I am scared that Mike gets repulsed by me or something.


And I REALLY DETEST the feeling that I am stopped from doing something I want to do by someone else's judgement.

It's making me sooo pissed off I wanna box something. Or rapidly mince a tiny animal.

Why can't people just be happy for me for such a simple thing? It's my own body leh, and it seems very weird to me that if I were to scratch myself tomorrow skiing or something, and leave a permanent scar, nobody is gonna keep telling me, "Oh, you will regret skiing now, won't you?" coz they just know it's done and whatever they say just won't change anything.

I also hate the people who keep saying that I will regret doing it.

You know what?

will regret doing it.
I won't.

I am not you, so don't judge me based on your own thinking - we are different.

These are the exact same sort of people who keep telling me that eating a bit of parsley (coriander, whatever) won't kill me.

FUCK OFF! Just coz you don't mind parsley doesn't mean I necessarily feel the same way about it, ok?

How badly do I dislike parsley? Well, if I eat it, I will puke.

If I were forced to choose to eat the 100g of my own shit (not Cloudy's, Cloudy's shit is DAMN smelly) or 100g of parsley, I'd have to tell you that that's a tough choice I have to make.

(Unless, of course, my shit contains parsley, but that's a different thing altogether)


HATE people who impose their views on other people.

My mom keeps telling me to look at the old people around who are lasering off their tatts in regret.

Weird, because if I don't do it when I am young and thus decided not to do it for the rest of my life, won't I regret too? Simply because I missed my chance to do something I really wanted?

Either way, it seems, I lose; but at least if I do it it will be my choice I regret, instead of bearing a grudge against someone else's choice.

I hate this bitch, she has a tattoo.

When I stop being so grumpy I'd blog some more, with pictures.

Today is me and Mike's 11th month anniversary, and as it turns out, also Valentine's Day!

We planned to watch Heroes the whole day, but we finished 10 of the 11 episodes we had yesterday. -_-

Great show!

I think I'd go cook a sumptuous Singaporean dinner for him. And by sumptuous, I really mean average. Coz I can't cook very well, I think.

But how difficult is it to follow a recipe, right?

Eh, right?

Oh btw, we also filmed a bit more of Girls Out Loud on our road trip!

Nope, I don't think we are gonna have a season two (you can write in to local5@mediacorptv.com if you want to pester Mediacorp to do season 2), but these clips we filmed might be going on Youtube. :)

I'll keep you guys posted!

p/s: It rules to be attached on V day for once! Past 4 years sucked.

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