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Presents and seaweed

I'm so excited! In a bit I'm going with Qihua to collect Qing qing's birthday present, and we all love love love the present!! Though, I can't tell you guys YET what it is, as Qing's bdae is not till Sunday. *smug smile* We all had a fun time teasing her yesterday about it, giving her rubbish clues like "It can be worn, can be eaten, and can be flicked" and the preverted girl keeps thinking it has something to do with sex, like an edible underwear or something!! Siao one. So, that day, I was randomly talking to Gillian (my manager) about this new crispy seaweed I discovered called Tao Kae Noi and how much I am obsessing over it coz I like it so much. But it's quite expensive la, the single sheet one is 70c and the big packets are like $2.95 or something. And Gillian was like, to my surprise, "Yeah, my favourite is the Wasabi one!". I only found one other avid lover of Tao Kae Noi, who is Wong, and everyone else seemed to have not tried

SFF, Jaan, and a beautiful computer

HAHAHAHA!!! Some people are just so hilarious!! No seriously, people who leave hate comments are real comedians sometimes, I feel. I have no idea why, but the last post made some kids really angry, and they left remarks like, "You are just a poor girl who has to wash your own dishes so stop acting rich!! Even my maid also richer than you...! I stay in a private house and I drive a big car!" etc etc, obviously not as coherently as I just typed. What the fuck is the problem with you people? I never said I was rich in the previous post, I merely said I spend beyond my limits . Siao!!! Besides, how sure are you all that I am not rich? Maybe I've been saving money since I was a kid and I have tens of thousands in my bank? Maybe I won toto but I just didn't mention it coz I am scared people borrow money from me? It's very weird how people take pleasure in telling me they are richer than me. Do you think anyone cares how rich YOU are? Nope, coz you are still..


I am bored at home!! Usually at this sort of time I'd have just woken up (4pm) and I'd bum around using the computer until 6pm then I'd go meet the rest of the bummers. And we'd go out till 3am - reach home, chat with Mike in US till 6am, then fall asleep. And repeat cycle. But thanks to Mike being here and starting work and his not being able to sleep with the light on, I am sleeping at 12am EVERY NIGHT! How crazy is that????????? I am like a normal OL now! Today I woke up at 7am to cook breakfast!! Then I washed the pot and bowl!! Good gracious me. Anyway, TGIF ! (Digressing, I never thought I'd catch myself saying TGIF coz I don't work and so weekdays or weekend is the same to me. Except I actually hate the weekends coz town is always so crowded with stupid working people.) So yeah TGIF. I can't stand it anymore! My computer is ridiculously slow nowadays!! Mike says that the problem is that I don't have enough RAM (anyone care to verify th