Ikea and Old people

I've been obsessed about getting my room to look nice since CNY!!!!!!

I've spent like $550 at Ikea so far, which, I personally feel, is a godsend.

How often can you walk into an inexpensive shop and yet never even once catch yourself saying, "Wow, that is motherfucking ugly."?

In Courts, for example, Mike and I saw something the other day which looks like someone decided to string together lots and lots of brown turds and make it into a carpet!!!! MUAHAHA!! Given, the turds are all the same size and colour, but still!! We saw later they even have a version of the turd carpet in dull orange!


But not Ikea! Ikea's stuff are ALL nice! How can it be that a bunch of designers can all be so talented? Whether they are sturdy or not is another matter, but so far, they are serving me fine. I heart Ikea! I want to be their ambassador!!!

I saw a swing at the children's section! Once Mike moves here I'm gonna ask him to install the swing at his new place so I can swing and watch tv. MUAHAHA!

We might also use the swing for other purposes. HA!

Speaking of Mike, he is coming here again soon, on the 9th.


Is that just exciting or what?! New phase of my life!!

Now, to everyone who told me that LDRs will never work out: Fuck you all!! I'd show you my middle finger, but Teban Gardens is far away from most places.

Just thought of some dying traditions. Is there anyone in my generation who eats fish eyeballs anymore?

I think eating fish eyeballs will officially die out within the next 10 years!

That day, Shuyin, her boyfriend ZC and I were eating claypot porridge in Chinatown.

I was queuing up and next in line, when this cb chao ah pek cut my queue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I never ever let people off when they do things like that to me, and I was about to scold him but I was scared that he boxed my fragile nose since he is already so old (maybe 60) and jail to him is nothing.


I don't give a shit about waiting for another 2 minutes, but this old man is obviously NOT SENILE, TOTALLY HEALTHY, and he KNOWS HE CUT MY QUEUE!

Why can't he ask nicely if he can go first? I'd let him take my place anytime!

And you know what? He actually DOES know he is wrong, because he was facing me for a bit and I kept glaring really hard at him, but he totally avoided my line of vision, acting like he was oblivious to his surroundings.

I mumbled to more to myself than to him, "You cut my queue" in Mandarin, and he heard me but he still looked past my right ear! Grrrrrrrrrr!

You know how when we were kids, our parents and textbooks will always tell us about how we must respect the elderly people?

Well, fuck that.

I grew up to realise that a lot of old people are fucking grumpy, rude, and worst of all, they totally bully young people and take our kindness for granted because they know they can get away with it!

Like this stupid lao ah pek for example!

Clinton also told me how, when he was younger ( say 9, 10), old people and especially aunties would shove him and cut his queue.


How many of these crude, uneducated people actually deserve our respect?

The textbooks are wrong, not all of them are sickly, weak, and sweet old ladies who will smile at us when we give up our seats for them.

Some of them are perfectly capable of shoving younger people aside to get a seat for themselves!!!

Respect is not meant for such people!!

When I have a kid of my own I'd tell him or her to show respect to elders, but once these people show they are unworthy of respect, feel free to fight back for your rights! No need to give in to them just coz they are older!

Of course, we Chinese believe that the young should always respect their older relatives, but I really don't understand why this "respect" thing should go for also people totally not blood-related to us!! Does it mean that kids are to respect an old molester also?! PUI!

I am still irritated with the ah pek! So what if he is old? Old people don't need to queue up one meh? Young people don't need to eat?! Like that if an endless stream of old people keep cutting my queue, I don't need to order my food already lar??


p/s: I STILL RESPECT OLD PEOPLE HOR, UNTIL THEY SHOW THEY ARE UNWORTHY OF MY RESPECT. If only every old person is like my paternal grandparents! They are always so smiley and sweet. My maternal grandpa is quite grumpy, but he is 90 years old so I don't blame him.

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