Malaysian Trip, CNY day 1 and day 2

A smattering of photos...

I went on a 4-day road trip to KL, Penang and Genting with Gillian + Bryan, Rozz + Joey, Ashley + Justin, Me + Mike. 4 couples!

Rozz Joey

Gillian Bryan

Ashley Justin

Smelly angmoh and me!

All of us at Zouk KL...

The girls are talking gossip and you are not allowed

G's relatives took us to eat the BEST LAO SHU FEN EVER! Soooo yummy

Next day at Penang... Super lack of photos during this trip coz I kept not putting make-up and I hate taking photos without make up!

G waiting for the food

Mike and I... You can't see it, but we are hungry!

Pick up chopsticks already...



Salted egg yolk prawns, the best prawns in the world!

Random photo: Cute panda

Random photo: Mike repairing our house tv

Cheesy duck ride in Genting

Rozz and I...

Genting tries so hard to be a Las Vegas, but all it achieved is looking like a haunted themepark. Everything is soooo old and ill-maintained!

G with V-cam. Filming Girls Out Loud: Road Trip!

G never puts make up so we forced her to!

With fake lashes, haha...

I wish Mike would stop flirting with the camera.

He is doing it again!


Group of us went to have a drink...

G told me to pose with Cigar Aficionado and wine so I look rich!


Qing qing invited us to go to the premiere of Just Follow Law!

I am so mean, there were another 4 people after Jack Neo but I just cropped them off coz they are not interesting.

The movie is quite funny, it's about Fann and Gurmit switching souls! I'd pay money just to watch Fann Wong scold Nabeh lor! (Which she did in the show)


Random photo: Girl I drew on post-it.

I think I might be very talented.

Random photo: This is how we spent Valentine's day

Making Cloudy chase laser points. :D

CNY Day 1!!!!!!

My favourite people in the world: Grandma and grandpa =)

Cousin Vivian

With my daddy!

He looks super confused.
I think Dads aren't used to self-shot pictures.

My twin uncles! They are always smily and cute

Me + grandma + grandpa.

I think my grandma doesn't love me anymore coz this year she didn't fry an egg for me... Every year she would... :(

My, eh, "Ferragamo" bag.


(Yes I know you can see my bra. Whatever! Just a piece of stupid garment)

My baby niece!!! Isn't she the sweetest ever??

Sooooooo cute and fat and cuddly! My maternal instincts are RAGING!!!! I need a baby...




Yan Kaykay (aka Qihua), Qingqing and me!!

Qihua always asks me to marry her brother so she can call me Yan Yan Yan. Very funny hor? *roll eyes at Qihua*

Qing with Kelvin's sis, Shi han.

Qihua is eating... AGAIN! Always.

Super big giant prawn next to puny prawns... :D




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