Presents and seaweed

I'm so excited! In a bit I'm going with Qihua to collect Qing qing's birthday present, and we all love love love the present!!

Though, I can't tell you guys YET what it is, as Qing's bdae is not till Sunday. *smug smile*

We all had a fun time teasing her yesterday about it, giving her rubbish clues like "It can be worn, can be eaten, and can be flicked" and the preverted girl keeps thinking it has something to do with sex, like an edible underwear or something!!

Siao one.

So, that day, I was randomly talking to Gillian (my manager) about this new crispy seaweed I discovered called Tao Kae Noi and how much I am obsessing over it coz I like it so much.

But it's quite expensive la, the single sheet one is 70c and the big packets are like $2.95 or something.

And Gillian was like, to my surprise, "Yeah, my favourite is the Wasabi one!". I only found one other avid lover of Tao Kae Noi, who is Wong, and everyone else seemed to have not tried it before, so I am quite happy that I found another common liker of the seaweed. :D

"Hey," I said excitedly to G, "Let's ask them to advertise with us la, then they can give us free samples!!!"

And so G approached them.

Unfortunately, they said they didn't have a budget allocated, but since Wendy likes it so much, we will give her some packets for free!!


For those of you who are missing out, here is the seaweed I am talking about:

My favourite is original flavour...

Buy the big packets! Single sheet's never enough!!

Inside, half eaten

It is very different from conventional seaweed coz it's so crispy! And yummier.

And they let me try this new flavour called the Tempura Seaweed!

Not out in Singapore yet!

Even the packaging in still in Thai


One side seaweed

Other side tempura! Yummy

Professional cam-whores can cam-whore with even just a piece of seaweed!

Besides original, there is also...

Tomato, which I like

Tom Yam... A bit spicy with a tinge of sourness.

As well as Hot & Spicy (which I have not tried before, but is Wong's favourite) and Wasabi, which I dislike coz wasabi sucks!!! *looks at wasabi lovers weirdly*

Better wash your mouth after you eat, or you will look like me!


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