Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SFF, Jaan, and a beautiful computer


Some people are just so hilarious!!

No seriously, people who leave hate comments are real comedians sometimes, I feel. I have no idea why, but the last post made some kids really angry, and they left remarks like,

"You are just a poor girl who has to wash your own dishes so stop acting rich!! Even my maid also richer than you...! I stay in a private house and I drive a big car!"

etc etc, obviously not as coherently as I just typed.

What the fuck is the problem with you people? I never said I was rich in the previous post, I merely said I spend beyond my limits. Siao!!!

Besides, how sure are you all that I am not rich? Maybe I've been saving money since I was a kid and I have tens of thousands in my bank? Maybe I won toto but I just didn't mention it coz I am scared people borrow money from me?

It's very weird how people take pleasure in telling me they are richer than me. Do you think anyone cares how rich YOU are? Nope, coz you are still... a sad rich nobody. Ha!

And this is my blog with 30,000 readers a day, obviously when I am being happy and indulgent I'd blog about it, but I'm not going to take photos of myself washing dishes or vaccuuming the floor in a dirty old tee now, am I?


Why should I be more humble?

Just to please you all? No, really, just to please you all? I think I'd gently decline - just go fuck yourself.

Irritating la such people!!!

Delete delete!! Imma delete all the long stupid comments that you all wrote.

Back to rich and happy topics again.

I SPLURGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

=( =( =(

I went to Sim Lim and within 3 hours or so I spent $600++!!!!!

I can't resist buying stuff leh, how? I really, really got to STOP spending beyond my limits.... =(

Ming and Mike went with me, and the poor boys just keep having to carry my heavy purchases for me...

Thanks Ming, you are super sweet lar!

IT Geek @ Heart

My Samsung White LCD monitor!! 19 inch/$344

Imagine a better life without your bulky CRT monitor!!!


I kept hopping around... Mike and Cloudy...

Both think it's typical behaviour from me. Hehe...


White and sleek and big!!!

Baby pink luv

And to go with the whole look I bought a nice pink mouse.... $25

After I got my monitor I was looking around for RAM, and I bought a one gig one for $135...

I thought maybe I'd buy some new speakers as well, because my old speakers make nice music sound like an old banshee wailing her head off.

Unbelieveably, when I was just about to give up on my speakers quest (nothing nice and not involving a ridiculously huge sub woofer) when I SAW THIS:


A PINK CPU CASE!!!!!!!!!


(P/s: I am not a laptop sort of person, I like PCs)

I mean, CPU casings are usually bloody masculine-looking, and it is just out of pure chance that I saw this shop displaying a pink one!


How rare is that? Out of all the shops in Simlim, I seriously only saw ONE shop selling a remotely girly cpu casing... which is this one.

Ming and Mike visibly withered while I asked the owner how much it costs and whether my computer parts can fit into it, etc etc...

Within 5 mins of talking, I was sure I had to have it, and paid up. Looking back though, it was kinda dangerous because I had no idea if it would have worked with my old parts!

I think Mike must have wanted to whack my head with the casing all while cursing himself viciously for walking pass this particular store, because he knows he will have to be the one to fix it up. :D


Cheap! Well, I think it's cheap. It's rare to find a nice clean looking cpu casing!

Matches my carpet!!

Enough of ugly CPUs!

Comes with an extra fan...

The only unfortunate thing is that the lcd lights are BLUE!!

:( I wish computer designers will stop using blue for EVERYTHING!

Look at this fine example: My old CPU

Bye ugly thing!!!!

Some boys might be defensively shouting, "That's not ugly what! It's a normal-looking cpu!"

BUT IT IS! To girls it is. Engineers should never take over the jobs of designers.

I am so happy!! Mike managed to squeeze the contents of such a large casing into my small small pink one, and to add, now my frontal USB port works!

Thanks baby!


Random photo:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

I keep seeing this poster and it is so fucking funny!! Have you ever wondered how a turtle would look like without his shell?

Look at the tmnts! They all look like they are wearing their shells as a tube top! The shells look detached from their skins.

Or rather, they are wearing a flat sort of washboard on their tummies (tied to their waist with a ribbon) to cover their neh nehs. HAHAHA

Hehe, gay turtles!

Tangs 30th Anniversary

I think it's 30th I am not too sure...

With Joan's baby!!

Baby Clare really looks like her daddy...

Rozz looking glamourous while hosting with Bernard Lim

I brought Wong there.

The female model is so gorgeous!!

Anyway, did you realise this is Elvis, Charlie Chaplin, and Madonna?


Actually, this is Whitney Houston. If you scroll a little up, you will see her, and her massive hair, standing beside "Marilyn Monroe". :)

Singapore Fashion Festival

Opening show - Vivianne Tam

Debbie with our GoL stylist Elisa!
She said I can't put her on my blog =X

Ashley, Joan and Joan's sister!

Me + Denise Keller!!

So gorgeous!

Jaan Restaurant (Swissotel level 70!!)

Mike is the sweetest! He said that he will treat me to dinner at Equinox if he gets the job that he wants, and he did!

Lucky me.

The fabulous view is worth half the price. :)

In what I thought was a classy green dress

Unfortunately, with the flash it seems everyone can see the white bra. I assure you in normal lighting it cannot be seen. Oh well.

You can't tell, but I am SO HAPPY with my food!

Super super yummy veal with truffles!

Oh, it's soooooo good.

Mike had Maine lobster, which, as you can see, he enjoyed.

Yummy!! I shall work harder to be rich so I can afford to do this every once a month or so.

Oh yeah! The service there was so... CONDESCENDING!

I won't say it is BAD per se, coz the waiters were extremely attentive and rather polite, but there was this one guy...

Mike's already decided he wants the lobster, but I was still not sure about the rest of the menu, so I asked the waiter about the veal and the codfish.

Everytime I finished asking a question, he would LOOK AT MIKE AND ANSWER MIKE.


His arm was draped across Mike's seat backing, and he just plain refused to look at me while answering MY question!!

After two questions I got fed up with him and said, "Excuse me, it is me who wants the veal not him."


Poor Mike didn't know what to do so he just kept looking from my frowny face to the waiter's face, as if directing the waiter to answer me while looking at me.

So annoying!

It is bloody condescending ok! I think he is answering Mike just because Mike is angmoh and he thinks I'm some cheap China slut or something.

ANGRY! Feel so annoyed. I wish I remember his damn name.

Or maybe, as Mike suggested, the waiter is afraid Mike gets jealous if he looks at me? But can't be what, after I told him sharply that he is being rude, he still continued with his behaviour.

OR OR OR maybe, he is homo and wants to shag Mike real bad! That would explain why he was standing so close to Mike.

Sorry, straight! Girls and female animals only. Ha! I'm joking. Strictly humans. Maybe androids, I dunno. I think he likes robots.


Tattoo love!

Still a bit scabby


And best of all!!!

I mentioned in the previous post about how I hate the way teeny boppers try so hard to act like they are so pretty, and I can't stand how they take photos right?

Well, some of you got really indignant and started saying that people cannot help being ugly, wearing glasses, etc.

True that people cannot help being ugly, but NO NEED TO KEEP TRYING SO HARD TO TAKE "PRETTY" PICTURES RIGHT?

Let me show you how they do it:


Fucking disgusting!!

YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN NOW??????!!!!!!!

You see now don't you?!

Can you stand photos like this?

They look so bloody awkward and gross, I don't even know what to say.

Maybe except...


p/s: If you can't spot the different between my typical cam-whoring photos and the awkward teeny bopper one, you are blind, so don't bother giving your opinion. Cmon! One is so contrived!