Tuesday, March 20, 2007

When was the last time you did something for the first time?


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Damn near perfect anyway!! Well after many months of worrying, Mike sort of finally got a job working as exactly what he wants, and also earning a pretty *ahem* comfortable salary!!

What do you say, eh, eh? I got a rich angmoh bf now! Ha! I'm now just like anyone of those girls with a rich angmoh bf! Good riddence to our struggling poor people lifestyle!

That day I was with Mike at Ikea (my current favourite hangout, remember?) and I saw a lot of angmohs with oriental chicks, so I told him,

"Eh, there are lots of couples... like us."

And Mike, examining a $3.90 spoon set, mumbled, "Yeah..."

And I said, "You know, when I look at us I don't think of us being like them..." and I screwed up my plastic nose in distaste.

He asked what I meant, and I said haughtily, "WE ARE BEYOND RACE!! Our love is beyond race."

and Mike laughed and asked, "So their's" (pointed to a random angmoh/chinese couple)"is just about their race?"

"Yes," I said arrogantly.

It's true too! I can see it in their eyes. As for Mike, sometimes I just don't even remember he is an angmoh anymore. Not that he looks Chinese or anything, just too used to him and he appears to be a... raceless person.

I don't know how to explain myself la hiyah.

Enough about the angmoh!


It is soooo pretty! It's a snowflake on my wrist...

I got it on March 14th, which is our 1 year anniversary. Not that it has to do with anything, but just a date that I can remember! My nose job was done on 12/12/06!

This is before it got tattooed on.

Initially I brought with me a picture of a snowflake cut out from an aircon booklet (I simply can't find nice snowflake pictures!).

Jeremy, my tattoo artist, went to randomly yahoo search some pictures for me, and found this picture of a snowflake on a rubber stamp! I decided I like it enough, so there goes!

I got it at Primitive - at Far East Plaza.

Jeremy! Cute and talented. :)

"This is the needle that will pierce your skin later."

And thus he started tattoo-ing!

I was trembling all over and I was damn scared, but when the needle actually touched my skin, it was SO NOT PAINFUL that I actually exclaimed,


Which is completely true!

The pain was sooooooo minor it's like less painful than an ant bite (which in my opinion is pretty damn painful, especially the red big variety, but it seems to be not painful at all for most people).

Painful enough for you to maybe wish for the tattoo artist to stop, but certainly not painful enough to make you cringe or move your body away from the needle. Very tolerable!

Maybe it is not painful coz I am fat?

And there you go...

My fresh new snowflake!

I wanted a baby pink blended with hot pink tattoo, but Jeremy kept advising against it, saying it will just look like a scratch and that pink can't be seen. :(

People are always talking about how the tattoo-ing process hurts, but nobody ever told me that the AFTERMATH of the tattoo-ing hurts too!

In fact, I think the aftermath actually hurts more, it feels like the area got badly sunburnt, or like how a skinned knee feels like.

Aftermath, 2nd day:

All dry and scabbing! Have to keep putting moisturiser.

All ready to be peeled off! The peeling process is super fun can.

I am happy!!

Well, Momo.

Momo was in Ipoh when I got my tattoo, so the night after I got a nightmare about her being very pissed off with me (she obviously didn't know yet) and the next morning, with my cousin's advice, I gingerly sms-ed her that I got my tattoo done and that I still love her!

Momo ignored me for one day but she got over it, and till now she is avoiding looking at my tattoo. Ha! Maybe she convinced herself it is invisible. :D

3rd Super Happy Thing:

I GOT MY AIRCON!!!!!!!!!

$538 - it is a window unit from Carrier!! Happy happy happy

Two Malaysian guys and a Bangala came to fix it.

At first I rather liked the Bangala coz he actually posed for the photo which I thought was very funny, but then later the two Malaysian guys left the room to go to the corridor to cut up a plank of wood.

And they left the Bangala standing alone inside my room.

I was sitting on an armchair outside, so I could see what he was doing inside...

He just stood there and started looking at my stuff!

I mean, not touching them or anything, but I had this series of photos up the wall of me and my friends, and he kept staring at those photos (I swear he stared for 10 whole minutes), just standing awkwardly and silently inside the room... Looking at my stuff...

And thus he freaked me out.

I mean, can't he just get out of the room and go join his colleagues? There was nothing for him to do till they get the plank cut up, and he just stood there!!!

And therefore, his face is mosaic-ed coz his face just freaks me out now and I don't want it on my blog.

The main Malaysian air-con guy was super nice and very efficient though!


Love love love

Random photos galore!!


Revamped room.

I am not done with it yet! I know the bedsheets look very stupid, but I bought lilac satin ones from Mustafa! Damn chio!

This must be one of the best things from Ikea!

BAGS BAGS BAGS! Aren't bags just a pain in the ass? They are always lying everywhere and there is never enough space for them!

HOL storage bench from Ikea - $129 - solved all my bags problems. Also doubles off as a bench! Whoopee do!

Accessories and assorted rubbish

In case you are wondering what the white stuff is, it is eyelash glue. :D And inside the yellow box is MORE eyelashes.

I swear I have more than 40 pairs of fake eyelashes by now. And that's after throwing so many away!


Mike, "Don't you think it's better to have a (walk-in) closet than a wardrobe?"

Me, "Yes, unless..."

Mike, "...?"

Me, "Unless the wardrobe leads to Narnia...." *trails off in a mysterious voice*

Repainted my mural! It used to be just white, as some of you might remember.

I saw this paint pattern at Ikea and decided to paint my room the same colour! Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do with the mural. Does it go?


Long overdue photo:

Our CNY yu sheng!!

It is damn pretty right? Done by my chef uncle:

He looks so pleased with himself...

Look what we did to his work of art though:


Qihua's Birthday at Cafe Del Mar

The theme is Dragonfruit! I was damn dragonfruity because Qihua hinted that the most dragonfruity person will get a present!


I had on a green top, a hot pink skirt, and even put on green and pink eyeshadow ok! Even my bag and shoes were hot pink! And I brought along a white with black polka dots hairband!

Hmpf! All my efforts for nothing.

The cute guy, besides Mike (blush), who is wearing a "No Fat Chicks" tee, is Sho, who is Yan KK's new squeeze. He is half Jap and half Thai!

One Year Anniversary

We celebrated at Shaslisk (however you spell it) restaurant at Far East Shopping Centre. Nice steaks!

You can't tell, but we are both damn happy in the aircon. It is actually cold!

I don't care! If other bloggers can act cute, so can I, ok? Now stop it!

Mike has the tiniest ears in the world belonging to any adult man.

Qing Qing bought this for me from Taipei!

Mike's tee I bought from FOS. Only $10!

A tortoise.

A tortoise. Upturned.

And speaking of happy happy purchases, I just bought this lava lamp today! $15!

It has silver stars and moons inside, and the liquid is a lovely shade of pink!! It's so pointless and useless but it makes me so happy when it glitters... *crazy bimbo smile*

And my happiest purchase in a long, long time...


Isn't it pretty, pretty, pretty?!

It looks horrid in the photo, but it is actually baby pink with translucent light pink keys!


Although the Minnie mouses are stupid, but still... PINK!

Ok this sums up my pointless blog entry. :D

Oh something to add! I've been seeing people blog about me in the same vein as some of these new teenage bloggers, like yadda yadda, I like XX, but I like dunno-who better, she is more interesting... etc

You know, like blog reviews and stuff.

I clicked on one of the links, and I felt DAMN INSULTED!

The reviewer said that I am pretty but not as pretty as some of these stupid tween bloggers!

.... FUCK MAN!

I make an effort to photoshop EVERY SINGLE PHOTO OF MINE, making it the best contrast and sharpness, and I never ever put ugly people on my blog, EVER.

I don't mean people like relatives who can't help being old or something, I am talking about my friends - nobody with yellow teeth or zits coz I just photoshop them away...

I just make a humongous effort to make this blog look professional and nice, and HERE ARE SOME PEOPLE COMPARING ME TO SOME TEENAGER WHO IS SERIOUSLY UGLY!!!

Well she is not really ugly, but just has this really awkward demeanour. I can't stand looking at her face. She wears glasses, for god's sake! If you can't afford contact lenses, then PLEASE DONT ACT CHIO IN THE GLASSES AND ALSO MAKE UP!

God I can't stand ugly people who keep trying to take photos in odd angles to enhance their placid looks. I can't stand bad photos with blurry lighting (nice try, but can't hide your hideous face), can't stand bad photography skills or lousy cameras.... Just URGH! Webcam shots and amatuer photoshop skills to change what, hue? SPARE ME! Just don't.

I may not be very pretty, but whenever I look awful, I try to at least photoshop it better... then I post it up.

Would not be compared to some tween. LOOK HERE, I'VE BEEN BLOGGING FOR 4 YEARS ALREADY! Have some respect, hor!

Am old! I am 23! I am not 18 anymore like when I just started out!! Please spare me the comparisons to these stupid new bloggers who are studying for N levels or something.

And when their blogskins are these amatuer gross-looking ones! Mine's done by a professional designer. -_- Can't be compared.


God they are so ugly. All their friends are pimply! It's ok to be pimply, but just don't give this look like you are so good-looking when there is this awkward zit looking like it is just trying to say "Nah ah! Not pretty! Not with me sitting right here!" whenever you split into an act cute smile.