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Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Very sad, this year Saddam Hussein died otherwise he can celebrate his birthday with me! I mean not WITH me per se of course, like in his own little hiding hole but at the same time as me. Anyway, my life is just full of drama. On the night of 27th, Kelvin, Qingqing, Mike and I went to JB at like 11pm for some, erm, dvds. Of course, as it turns out when we reached the dvd shop we didn't buy anything because we had a guilt trip and it dawned on us that piracy is just wrong . WRONG, PEOPLE ! Don't steal! Ahem. So, we went across the road to have some food. After gorging, we crossed the road to get back to the car, and Mike told me to run coz there was a car coming. I was in a bad mood (due to Mike being generally grumpy due to his lack of his sleep) and out of the corner of my eye I saw a slow moving car and didn't speed up at all but instead proceeded to cross the rest of the road in what can be described as a slow lumbering fashion. As expected, my life flashed b

Please don't break up with me

Don't dump me ok? Don't leave me for other regularly updated albeit mediocre blogs! I tried so hard, I did! But the cb Midplaza Hotel in Manhattan had a shitty internet connection, which costs $10 USD a day and I had to go to Gillian's room to use it... so yeah la, not very convenient. But here I am! Finally got back home and slept off the jetlag. 78 photos. And one new tattoo. One day, I randomly suggested to Qingqing, "You wanna get a same tattoo with me and KK? Something small la, like a tiny star or heart or something." QQ kept quiet, so I thought she wasn't agreeable to it, which is quite normal mind you, since most people won't agree to a tattoo just on a whim like that. I prodded, "What you think?" And she said, "Yeah I want! I am thinking where to put it." Ha! Damn steady one ok! Then she suggested putting it behind our ear. KK was told about this idea the day after, and she was damn enthu about it, so here we are at