Yes I know I was on the front cover of wanbao!!!

Isn't it bloody hilarious? Qingqing actually laughed till she had tears in her eyes.

More about it later on, I'm so tired!

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that the driver actually sped up when he saw me.

And thus, this makes me completely not my fault anymore, coz I saw him moving slowly and thought I'd walk according to his speed - which is pretty logical.

Except that he is absolutely mad and wants to knock people down.

Like a bowling pin. Haha!

I know how that feels like... sometimes when I'm in a car I feel like bumping people too. Not like hurt them mind you, just like, you know, gently nudge them a little at a green-man crossing, and they'll be like, "WTF?!" and I can go like, "Oops, sorry!! I am sorry, did I hurt your kidney?!" and make a oops-sorry face.

They'd go about their way while turning back to stare at me vehemently, and I'd just make an apologetic face. After they are go, I'll gently snigger to myself, thinking, "Ah, now I can die in peace knowing I did that once before." Not that I'd do it of course, I'm just saying I have the urge to sometimes. Like how some people have the urge to slap their bosses, but they don't do it. Or how some people have the urge to have sex with things they shouldn't have sex with. That's not me. I don't have that problem.

Wanbao would probably translate the above paragraphs to:


Hehe... Sensational!

Only positive comments will be approved.

You people are just leaving bad comments hoping Wanbao will quote you!!

Sarcastic comments are allowed if they are funny, unless it somehow curses people around me.

Why would you curse that Mike breaks up with me? He is innocent, and I'm the best girlfriend he ever had (or would have)! Don't make him lose something so precious!

Hehe... It pisses you guys off, doesn't it, when I am so chirpy and incorrigible? *smiles widely*

I feel very funny today. I feel like I have Chandler's spirit inside me. Except girls are just not as funny as guys and I don't have a team of world-class writers behind my jokes.

I'd write more funny stuff later, if Chandler stays.

Comments saying I am not funny will not be approved. I AM.

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