Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hurray!!! Blogger just announced that they now auto-save my posts!!

Anyway, sorry for taking so long to update, between blogging for Stomp, conquering Super Mario (world 6 now) and my daily bummer activities, I've got like no inspiration + time to blog!

I need to blog more!!!

Even the NY photos I've not edited!!!!!!!

I know, I am such a horrible procrastinator. :( :(

I actually woke up that day feeling very mean, and I started writing a blog entry titled "Top 5 most disgusting people in the Singapore blogosphere".


It feels so good to insult people!!

Needless to say, this will start raging a "blog tsunami" as Wanyi calls it, but I am afraid of offending certain people, and that's why that AWESOME post is not being put online yet.

Hahaha... I know that now you are dying to find out who those 5 people are!!

Sigh... There are soooooooo many disgusting bloggers around. (Attempts to link to these people or suggest their website/nicks in the comments will be deleted - don't want to give anyone any excess clicks just yet)

Update on my life: Mike just signed for the rental of a nice little place in Changi, and I think I'd be staying over pretty often!!

The place has two bedrooms, one of which is HUGE (like two normal rooms), so Mike has agreed to let me put all my nonsensical fluffy pink stuff in there - my computer, make-up, accessories, etc.

And this room, I loosely call "The Princess Room".

I can't wait to decorate it!!!

As well as the rest of the house! Thank god for Ikea Tampines.

FRIENDS CAN COME OVER TO PLAY MJ AND SWIM AND BBQ!!!!!!!!!! *faints* Super happy.

Rental prices are fucking crazy-high nowadays!!!!! Dingy 3-room (which means actually 2 rooms) hdbs are going for $1,200 per month - and these hdbs are fucking old and gouldy and unfurnished and ugly too!!

Condos seems to be a better deal, going for $1,600 - $1,800 at the lower end tier.

Isn't it mad???! Property prices are mad recently! I might turn into a real estate agent soon.

I KNOW! I sound so sophisticated and adult-like right, when I talk about property rates? Mai siao siao hor, I am very smart one you know!! Muahaha!

So yeah, you east-siders will be seeing me more often now!

I hate east-siders. I've stayed in the West all my life (Clementi, Boon Lay, Queensway, Teban), and for some reason east-side people are CONSTANTLY insulting the west!!


They always say west very industrial and ugly and under-developed, and how east side is better coz you guys have the stupid sea and better places to eat food blah blah.

Full of nonsense.

HOLLAND VILLAGE = WEST = Nice and expensive place

BUKIT TIMAH = WEST = QUEEN ASTRID PARK = Most expensive place in Monopoly

And plus plus the west has science centre and erm, zoo, and erm, ice-skating rink!! Hmpf!

Shuyin says everyone is being boh liao because Singapore is way too small to have disparities between east and west side, hahaha...

She is only saying that coz she stay North, which is the most sucky of all!!!

Muahahaha...! I am joking. I am trying to start a who-stay-where-better-war.

Anyway, Gillian sent me this email, which I thought is super hilarious!!!

Where Air Stewardesses Sleep

Boeing 747-400

KLM Airline

Airbus A340

Boeing 777

Singapore Airlines

SQ with TV and inflight telecommunications

Canadian Airlines




Funny right? I don't know if the information about the various airlines are accurate though.



UPDATE: People mentioned that that's not Air Asia (which was the information I got from the email I received) but instead a domestic China airline. Sorry for the accusation Air Asia!!