Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Online Shopping


In my teenage days, when I couldn't afford to buy clothes from shops that have to pay for their rent, I bought a lot of clothes from Yahoo auctions!

Not to mention that then I haven't started blogging yet I had a lot of time online. :D

Some of the clothes turned out ok, but some... GRRRRR! Makes me boil!

Once, I bought a bikini set which claimed to be new but had some stains on the bottom at you-know-where! Ewww! I don’t want to put someone's stain on me can?!

And searching for the clothes you like was tedious since auctioneers liked to label their clothes with everything irrelevant from Nokia to sex toys.

Which is why, I think it's a good idea to have an online clothes shop where you can just scroll and scroll on, browsing super a lot of clothes – which are guaranteed new with no gross stains!


Not to mention that their models are really quite pretty too, so boys can click and see eye candy as well. ;)

(Digressing, I've seen other online shops, and they always shoot their photos with an amateur camera with models having their heads cut out of the frame. I think that's kinda gross coz it makes me think the headless model is wearing the exact same piece I am buying, and I can't even see how she looks like!)

A lot of the clothes there are kinda Korean-looking and pretty chic - ranging from shorts to tops to skirts to dresses etc.

The prices are really affordable too, from $10+ to $40+ (for dresses) - and I really like the way they pair up the clothes in so many different photos so you can have an idea of how to wear the apparel best!

I got to choose 3 pieces from them:


Low V-neck spaghetti top with leopard prints.
Velvet material with straps adjustable. Lace lining at the top


I'm working towards my bombshell goal! Really like the diamantes on the lining - it ensures extra attention on me. Ha! I'm such an attention-whore.

Singlet style pullover
material velvet, with fold in hem at the bottom

The empire-cut is flattering for your boobs, and yet the dress/top is flowy enough for you to eat a cow and not look like a cow.


The velvet sounds like it would be unsuitable for Singapore's weather, but it's actually very soft and thin. Perfect for a casual date!

Sigh, I wish Mike would bring me on more dates.

Body hugging material made from stretchy cotton
Easy to match with for all occasions

Peach pink cardigan. I chose this coz girls can never have enough jackets! This is just thick enough to prevent freezing in a cinema, and thin enough to be squeezed into our handbags!

Goes well with basic-colour tops/dresses, or I guess you can wear it by itself if you wish to. *cough* slut *cough

It even matches with the wall behind, haha

Nice right!

Except, of course, I cannot pose like those models lar, they are professionals can. Plus, I am severely sunburnt, so pardon the horrible skin.

The most annoying thing about purchasing stuff online is to find out later that it is completely not the same as the photo you thought it looks like, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the clothes I chose were exactly like the pictures shown!

I haven't bought anything from online clothing shops before, because I always think that if they are not going to deliver it to me after I pay, I won't be able to do anything about it.

I can't even burn their shop down because it doesn't physically exist!

But Papergirlsshop is a registered company, so I don’t think problems like that will occur. :D

The items are all ready stocks, which means that they are not just ordering it from their suppliers AFTER your purchase... which also means that you get your items fast! They will be sent out within 3 working days.

If you are unhappy with the product, you can always send it back for an exchange of size or design (but not money la, you think what).

Not Singaporean? Not to worry, if you live anywhere with an address (the postman is willing to travel to), your clothes can be sent to you - but you have to purchase at least 3 pieces for international shipping.

Payment can be made via bank transfer too (personally I think it's safer and more efficient)!! No more using credit cards or paypal unless you want to!

Happy shopping girls~!!! And boys too, if erm, that's your cup of tea... Oh! And so you say you are buying it for your... girlfriend! I see. Nope, not a cross dresser, didn't think for a minute you were.

The link once again.

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