Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sorry for the lack in posts!!Have been very busy with my new gadgets recently, which includes my new tamagotchi and nintendo DS lite!!!

Aren't they just bloody gorgeous and cute?

I know, those of you with a penis and perhaps even some without a penis are probably asking right now,

"What the fuck do you want the DS lite for? YOU HAVE A BLOODY PSP!!!"

Which is true, and I am ashamed of myself.

I bought the DS lite ($320 inclusive of adaptor and 1gb memory card, plus games - and Mike kindly sponsored $150 for my "third" birthday present) solely because.......

It is beautiful.

And pink.

"And so is the PSP!", you exclaim indignantly. But but... The psp is not in a shade of pink that I like!!!

I know, I'm so ashamed of myself. I saw the nintendo AFTER Algoco kindly sponsored me the psp, and it is in BABY PINK!

That's like my favourite colour!

I didn't actually find out before this that somehow, within simply "PINK", which is my favourite colour, there are actually shades that I perfer...

Some which I don't like as much (ie the PSP's bandung pink), and some which (ie baby pink) makes me go crazy and spend irrational amounts of money.

Sigh. I am so superficial yet so complicated.

I told myself that I am not going to succumb to a stupid colour's beckoning, but it's all the stupid Tim's fault, he said that the Nintendo is more of a girl's gaming machine than the PSP, which has all the manly RPG (dull!) and violent (super dull) games...

"And plus," Timmy said, ponging something during mahjong, "The nintendo can play Crash Bandicoot and all those."

*wide-eyed* I love Crash Bandicoot.

And so I bought the nintendo.

Is indeed very beautiful

Comes with a dangerous stylus

My justification is that the nintendo is smaller, it has stupid girly games, and also...

- A 1 gig memory card (which is way cheaper than Sony's memory sticks) in the nintendo can store 20 games, vs only 5 games on a 2 gig memory stick in the PSP.

- Nintendo has Super Mario, which is about as good as any other new stupid RPG game.

And besides, who says that we can't use two portable gaming, erm, thingys anyway (what are those called?!)?

I'd use the psp for movies and mp3s during hardcore boredom (ie on long-haul plane rides) and bring the nintendo out during normal days.

Not to worry, I still love you, my sweet PSP!!!!!!!

As it turns out, Mike tried getting Crash Bandicoot for me on nintendo, but it appears they only have it for the PSP.

If you can find it for the nintendo I'd appreciate it if you send it to me!!! Ditto other stupid girly games. :D

As for the tamagotchi... It is cute! I missed it since my secondary school days... Qingqing and I both bought one, and you can let the tamagotchi mate and stuff! And they give birth to babies! ^-^

Oh gross I just typed an act cute smiley.

I'm reverse-aging inside and definitely normally-aging outside.

Back to Wanbao.

SOOOOOOOOO annoying!!!

Recently, it seems that the amount of people looking and pointing (and in teenage situations, laughing as if it is very funny) at me have increased 3-fold.


Usually I am ok with being gawked at, and I understand it comes with the package of being famous (which I can't say I dislike, because besides air, water, and food, attention comes in as an essential for me to live), but man, these few days it has been serious gawking.

I can't walk ten minutes in public without being harassed.

Just that day, Mike and I were in a toy shop, you know, randomly looking at something, and bless us, through the shop window a group of teenagers walked pass, and one of them loudly exclaimed "Oh my god it's Xiaxue!!!" to which his friends exclaimed, "Where where where?!"


Next time don't be so indiscreet can or not?! Even if I am a chicken I can hear you lor. I say chicken because I think chickens can't hear very well. If I were a bat, which I think can hear very well indeed, I would have been deafened.

I rolled my eyes at Mike (I swear this was the 10th time that day I had my stupid internet nickname shouted out loud in my face. It's not even funny anymore), but we were cornered.

The toy shop only had a tiny entrance, and the massive group of teens quickly filtered their way into the shop, leaving me with either the choice of being gawked at while pretending to continue looking at toys, or shove my way through them, all while still being gawked at.

So I remained inside while they gawked.

Some smartass guy in the group decided to loudly announce, "Hey, you want to look at what in this shop ah? Which toy ah?" or something to that effect - apparently it is meant to make it look like they came into the shop on their own accord.


Please, just smile at me, and I promise I will smile back.

If you hate me and don't wish to smile at me, can also stick out your tongue at me or throw something in my general direction, just as long as you don't hit my nose or mess up my hair (although I don't suggest doing rude things to me when Mike is around because he is quite violent at times and very protective).

Or or... You can PRETEND to smile at me, and when I smile back at you, you can snigger, thinking to yourself, "Stupid bitch thinks I like her but I actually hate her, muahahahaha evil laughter."


And then like two days ago, I was at Tampines Mall eating at Phin's, when a group of people walked through a door next to my table.

At this point, I was trying to eat a corn on the cob, and as you all know, eating a corn ain't very glamourous.

It was a balmy day, and I was being spacey.

As the people streamed through the door, I people-watched, feeling quite at peace with the world.

And then this one guy walked through the door. He did a double take, and turned backwards to whisper something into his female companion's ear.

The whisper made her start and immediately look around frantically for her object of interest: Me mid-bite eating a corn and looking straight at her.

Man, that was awkward and horrifying.

I had to put down the corn and put on a dignified look, pretending that didn't just happen.


The useless trash paper that caused all these:

If you can read Chinese it is really super funny...

Cover page

It is so expected of them to do a cheap trick like putting a picture of a car crash right next to the sluttiest photo of me they can find.

Oooh, are we supposed to conclude that a slutty chick died in a car crash? Interesting!

I don't know why my paper had a spot on my cheek. Maybe to add to the slut factor?

Page 1:


Entire article completely lifted off my blog, and written to sound as if the reporter was there during the fight to witness everything - except without a sense of humour.

Page 2:

They say I want to kick the corpse to release my anger!!
That just sounds fucking funny in Chinese.



Seriously stupid. How can ANYONE mistaken what I meant to be serious? It's bloody sarcastic!

Haha! They made such a big deal of me rejecting to be interviewed!

This is what actually happened:

Joan (my manager): "Hey Wendy, some Wanbao reporter called, say want to interview you about the JB incident, you want to call her back at 6319xxxx?"

Me: "Huh?? What time now?"

Joan: "10am."

Me: "Siao! So early wake me up.. where got people so early wake up one... Can tell her I call her back at 4pm can or not?"

Joan: "Her deadline is 12pm."

Me: "Then don't want la, very lazy... zzzzzzz"

Joan: "..."

They made it sound like I was very ashamed of being found out about my dirty incident and was hiding somewhere crying my heart out, haha... Actually I was just sleeping.

And lastly,

I never knew social suicide = normal suicide!! And neither will I ever believe that anyone will take me seriously when I am soooooooo bloody short and I call myself a "gorgeous supermodel".

Irony, geddit? IRONY!


Not that I know any better, but isn't the "dao" in the "ta1 xie3 dao4..." written wrongly? Shouldn't it be dao4 li4 that dao? *shrugs*

Normal photos:

A pretty sight greeted jammed drivers on the PIE.

Momo treated Uncle Gregory, Mike, Didi, Shuyin and me to my birthday dinner at East Coast!

Having family, my bff, and boyfriend with me was quite simply all I needed to be perfectly happy. :D

Of course, rainbows help to complete the nice picture too. :)

People ask me how come I'm not upset that I get protrayed on national papers in such a bad light.

Well, it's because I am secure.

People I like like me back, and honestly, who gives a shit about people I don't know liking me or not? They can hate me all they want, I've already got enough people loving me to make me quite very happy. :D

Shuyin and Wanyi came over to my place, as I mentioned:

Shuyin next to my humidifier.

I just keep laughing at this photo, the penguin looks DAMN stupid and Shuyin's like acting disgusted by it.

It looks even more stupid when it's turned on, the water vapour comes out of the beak, haha...

The food they prepared!

Got green curry with chicken, brinjals (both cooked by Shuyin), tea eggs (Wanyi's mom), french loaf and birthday cake!! (both Wanyi buy)!!

For some reason those are the only photos I took, and I didn't take any of Wy or myself. -_- I think it's cause I was being a glutton.

Aren't they just the sweetest? :)

Thank you to everyone else who also sent me a happy birthday greetings via calls, sms, msn, or otherwise. :D

Kelvin and QQ for the carpet and don't know what else, Ming for the kickass speakers, my godma for the angpow, and also my baby...

For the fantastic treat at St Pierre:

Free mini appetizers

Me in the kid-sized Ralph Lauren dress I bought in NYC

Lamb shank

Foie gras

And afterwards, we walked around,

being boh liao...

... and sat down watching people play with
remote-controlled flying bright objects

I am loved!

Hopefully this entry makes up for the lack of those in the past few days.

Oh. And for those of your wondering about the bigass watermark - well, I'm sick and tired of people stealing my photos by chopping off my logo.

If they want to do it, then I'm sorry, they'd have to inevitably link me, or look very stupid with half my face cut off.

p/s: I won si an ke yesterday by zi mo-ing er wan. It was a beautiful, beautiful feeling.