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Episode 4!!!

Rozz plays a horrible prank on me. It's mean! And plus, you get to see me sleepy, with horrible hair, and absolutely no make-up. What can make better tv than that? Click on the picture to watch it. =)

Too many photos!

Unbelievably enough, when I was out the other day, two blog readers (Nope, I will never use the word "fans". Oh gross! It's like so buay hiao bai like that) actually approached me. The first one said he likes my blog but can I please update more often?? The second one said she likes my blog but there are too little photos nowadays!!! Sigh... I cannot even go out in peace without being harassed to do work leh... But nonetheless, I've decided to oblige. Ladies, gentlemen, and people-who-hate-me-but-read-me-religiously, I present to you... 136 photos. NYC trip As most of you already know, Rozz and I were chosen to be the webcast hosts for Singapore Day in Manhattan, NY. That was donkey years ago though, because I was just too lazy to go edit and post up all the photos. That, and because I hate you. HA! Just kidding! I love you guys! On the plane ride! Rozz took a photo of me looking glum. Who wouldn't be? 23 hours on the plane to look forward to