Thursday, June 7, 2007

"Girls Out Loud" part II!!

Well not Girls Out Loud per se, since that is a Mediacorp show and they don't seem to have the good sense to come up with season 2 (AHEM MCS!), but Gillian shot Rozz and I on our old road trip to Malaysia, and here are the videos!!

Road Trip - Episode 1
Episode 1


Road Trip - Episode 2
Episode 2!!!

All these and more all on munkysuperstar's spanking new, free, internet tv channel!!! (not to be mistaken with or or whatever. Omg it is so confusing!)

So ah, G, now I wrote about you guys you know what to do already hor, I want more jobs!!!


Sorry I look so awful on the show, my nose was just recovering from the nose job and it looked a bit weird (it's all about how you massage it!), plus I was super lazy and didn't bother to put on make up most of the time!!!

Plus plus I made the mistake of dyeing my hair black and cutting the fringe. Oh dear lord why did I do that?????!

Don't even bother telling me my spoken English is not fantastic.

I know! I'm trying, believe me! It's not my fault I am born with a short tongue! (My least favourite word to pronounce is "that". What, "TH" plus a "t" at the back? All in one syllabus?! That's fucking crazy!)

To compensate for it I try to be funny. Well, at least if you don't like my sense of humour the bad spoken English is quite funny too. *awkward grimace*


Someone left this comment:

You are not stupid, but you are shallow, petulant and thoughtless with words. I suggest you don't embarrass fellow Mensa members by indignantly asserting your association, and instead to use your gifted intellect and put in some work to pick up a few readings on what you wish to blog about, and gain insights and greater perspectives before you start shooting your mouth off.

Just as you do not like to look at ugly people, so others do not enjoy listening to angry, hateful words. A voice (beautiful or hideous) is far more reflecive and resounding than a pretty face. Perhaps in time you will grow to understand the importance of kindness and compassion, beginning with words.


To this I reply:

*Makes childish loud farting sounds with armpits and proceed to roll on the floor, laughing and laughing*

Hahaha.... I can imagine some serious-ass person standing there staring at me with this face -_- while I answer his honest suggestion with an armpit fart. Oh god, I am so hilarious.

Except I can't really armpit fart... but I can and will compensate with a farting sound made by my mouth. Pooooooooooot!!!


Ha! My wiki page has been abused again! Someone who is good with wiki please put it right?

Someone wrote that I am a 21 yr old whore or something!!! I AM THOROUGHLY FLATTERED!! =D I am definitely 21!!!! *sashays across the blog in a manner of someone fresh and young*

HAHAHAHA you know what else is very hilarious? I was searching for "xiaxue" and I was led to River Valley High School's page (there are 9 schools in the world called River Valley High school - and most of them are in Ohio, where I suppose there are REAL river valleys), and my name was in the notable alumni list!

And beside me was... MARCUS CHIN!

I just think it's fucking funny how all the Mediacorp uncles all seem to come from RV... From what I heard, Huang Wen Yong and Chen Shu Cheng (OMG I just forgot his name and I had the HARDEST time remembering it!) were from RV too if I am not wrong.

I suppose the bulk of you have no idea who I am talking about. Never mind.

Marcus Chin, you know, the stumpy guy who always hosts with Lee Guo Huang? GOD! What IS his English name?!

(minutes later...) MARK LEE! --> I had to check that.

Hehe... I found a tiny photo of him!!!


Which celebrities did your secondary school come up with? Share leh...



Online tabloids all reporting the same news over and over again? Your favourite blogger did not update... again?

Read a magazine then! Nope, not your normal magazine, an e-mag!!!

A FREE E-MAG! - Singapore lifestyle flipmag!

A preview of what you're gonna get

S.O.T. is short for Save Our Trees, but not to worry, it's not an environmentalist magazine, or at least, if it is it is concealed very well lar! (It is really not)

The contents in this month's issue includes a interview with singer Alicia Pan (she is on the cover too with a promising-looking photoshoot!), and other topics include Style, Female, Male, Entertainment, Technology, Foodie, Living, and Regular!

I must say I am pretty impressed! A lot of people think of starting up funny magazines, and especially online ones, but SOT seems to be doing pretty well - and managing to get Alicia Pan and Rosalind Pho on cover!

Now I know what to do whenever I am bored online.

I really hate bloggers who don't update. I know, ironic isn't it?

p/s: I am on a roll with advertorials!