'Looking down on' is too strong a word

One day, I was sitting in Kelvin's car when I asked the boys a question.

Do guys look down on other guys who fuck... like... cheap women?

Like if their perfectly eligible friend screws a prostitute/maid and even marries her, what is their view on this?

Because, I told Kelvin, girls ABSOLUTELY look down on men who do that.

(except of course the cheap sluts themselves won't look down on themselves)

Kelvin thought for a long while and replied, "I will think it's very absurd, but looking down on him is too strong, I definitely won't look down on him. Ultimately it is his own decision and if he loves her truly blah blah blah..."



I am not saying that all prostitutes or maids or like foreign third-world country women who come here are sluts, but it is so fucking TYPICAL, you know.

Some of them try so hard to seduce our Singaporean men, and they don't fucking care if these men are married!

And I am so jaded by all these stories of how perfectly eligible men fuck their maids, then screw over their wives, and eventually marries the maid, that it really makes me barf!!!

(Read my mother's friend story on how this guy dumped his wife and 4 kids for the maid. And the maid is like coercing him to do it too - nope, not the least bit guilty she is!)

It has come to the point where if I see a guy with a girl who looks like she is, well, I can't find any other word for it but "cheap", I feel so disgusted with the guy, I wanna go over and kick him on the balls.

I even wonder if he knows how women feel towards guys like him?

Decent, smart women. (Ha yes I am talking about myself!)

Women who get together with men they are IN LOVE WITH, not with men who are their daddy's age, fat, balding, married, and RICH (rich in context to their country's currency rate).

When I told Kelvin that any girl will lose all respect for a guy who gets together with a prostitute or, like, their maids, and he asked me who am I to judge how cheap a woman is?


Anyway, that's my POINT in this blog entry!!

I never realised this, but a guy's POV and a girl's POV is soooo vastly different!

A guy merely shrugs and goes, "Well, that's weird since he can do better, but it's his freedom," but oh! girls so won't think that way!

I started getting very fen nu (agitated) and starting berating the guys incessantly, when one of the boys said something logical.

"Well, is this guy you are saying married or not? If he is married, then of course we will look down on his behaviour, but if he is not, then it is his freedom to date a cockroach if he wants to."

Or something along that lines.



I don't know how to explain this, but it honestly just pisses the girls off to see men who are so obviously CHEATED of their money by this cheap sluts!!

It pisses me off to see an old angmoh bring some young slut into LV to buy her bags! She doesn't deserve those classy bags! YUCKS! Why should these girls make other girls seem like accessories for men!

We are not here just to provide sex and in exchange get money! We can't let them use us like that!!!


And I don't even dislike gold-diggers you know.

I don't! I think if Anna Nicole Smith is hot enough to score an old billionaire, then that's her prerogative, because God knows she worked hard to look so good!

But seeing some ugly Geylang slut slobbering on the arms our Singaporean uncles/fat angmohs is just different. Like, ewwww, so old and fat you also want, and not as if he is that rich lor.

And what pisses us normal girls off more is that the guys FALL FOR IT!

They think the slut really is in love with them!!!
If the guys go for a gorgeous gold-digger, than it is a fair exchange, but ugly sluts are just... ewww! Why would anyone dump their decent wives for an uneducated ugly lump?

When I told Gillian and Joan that men don't look down on other men who fucks cheap sluts, Gillian was totally nonplussed and she went like, "Hiyah, you know why? Coz all men have sex with prostitutes la!"

I was all like, o_O

I said, "WHAT? No, that's not true."

Joan chipped in and agreed with Gillian. No ALL, of course, but a vast majority would do it and probably have done it before, she said.


I am getting increasingly disgusted by the male population!!!

I know it's all natural to want sex and all, but EW!

To pay for sex is SOOOOO loserish!

(I asked Mike if he did before, and he said he didn't. So I made him swear upon my life and he still said he didn't, citing, "I don't want my penis to drop off, they are disease-ridden!" as a reason. Digressing, this "swear upon my life" thing is a damn good thing to force truths out with.)

Wouldn't you lose all respect for your father if you found out he fucks prostitutes on a regular basis?
(Assuming the cheating part didn't matter)

While I was hollering at the boys for their lack of morals (ie they SHOULD judge other guys who are behaving like that, because this will possibly make such incidents happen less if it is generally frowned upon), QQ was quietly sitting next to me.

The boys totally didn't understand why women feel so strongly about this issue.

She quipped, in an attempt to make them understand, "OK, how will you feel like I go and have sex with some smelly foreign worker?"

The boys all childishly laughed and just said they will think she is siao. -_-

QQ and I looked at each other, sighed, and we rested our case.


QQ came up with a pretty good explanation.

She said that in females it is in our natural instinct to want to find a good man to have sex with, so that we can ensure that after our babies are born, they are taken care of by a man who can do the job - and WILL do the job.

We only have so many chances of getting pregnant, and plus, it's such a tedious event... obviously we have GOT to be stringent about our choice of men.

(maybe that's why we look down on girls who are not stringent?)

But men, men are different!

Men just want to spread their stupid seeds everywhere!!

They don't care who they fuck or what they fuck, as long as as many women as possible get their babies it's good!!

And that's why, other men don't look down on men who fuck gross women... maybe because they understand this "instinct".

I don't care.

That's like saying we shouldn't look down on child rapists too because it is the natural instinct of men (even when they are very old) to want to have young girls spread their seed.

And boys, you DO look down on child rapists, don't you?


A disclaimer.

This post is NOT about race.

I took that photo because it is appropriate (to my topic), not because of whatever skin colour the girls have. Whatever associations you make from the picture is your own and not mine.

I say maids and prostitutes because they are usually of a lower social status than the men I speak of.

I am only talking about the slutty ones, and not the decent, hardworking women who help Singaporean families. I apologize to those maids whose reputations are tainted by their horrible counterparts.

I know you idiots are going to use the whole "Woo, you are racist!" thing again, but the entire post had no indication of any race of any kind.

I look down on ALL men who fuck cheap ugly sluts, regardless of the latter's races. =)

And just so you guys know, half your social circle (ie all the females) will look down on you if you get together with a cheap whore and let her use your sub-card unlimitedly.



Wooooooo... Some of you think you are oh-so-smart in pointing out that I have an angmoh boyfriend, and therefore, I am the same as these cheap sluts!!!

Some pointers for you stupid people here:

1) I didn't go after Mike using means of low-class seduction - he was the one interested in me first.

2) We are age-appropriate.

3) Our incomes are on par (well, at least for this well-paying month), but even if it is not, I can still well pay for myself. I do not use my boyfriend as an atm machine.

4) Our intellectual standards are on par. Argue all you want and say I am stupid, but a Mensa membership does not lie.

5) I am at least a celebrity in Singapore - I don't know about you guys, when even in America I suppose that means I earn my own money and don't have to hanker after angmoh men for theirs.

6) Mike was a student when I met him and was quite poor beyond words.

7) Both of us are not ugly. (You guys only say I am ugly because you think I think I'm very pretty and you want to correct my thinking. It is not working.)


Barking mad idiots.

AND FOR THE FUCKING LAST TIME, STOP SAYING STUPID THINGS LIKE, "Stop being so proud of having a caucasian boyfriend, it is nothing to be proud of."


Since when did I ever say I am proud of his race? Want to get white guys that hard meh? Clark Quay got a dime a dozen all wanting "asian sluts" lor.

But anyway, being classifed as one of these third-world sluts by all these ignorant people is one of the reasons why I hate such relationships. I hate being tainted by the same brush.

It is almost enough to make me want to leave Mike. Kidding baby!! :D

To the guy who so smartly pointed out that in exchange for "rent" (in future) I give Mike sex - so in all essence I am a prostitute:

Very clever, very clever.


How about you see it this way?

In exchange for my love, intellectual banter, potential willingness to bear his children and loyalty to Mike, I get sex, free housing, frequent treats to meals, protection, a goodnight kiss before I go to bed every night, and a good morning kiss when I wake up every morning.

I find it very funny that people talk as if girls don't enjoy sex too. Ha! Some girls don't coz they are cheap sluts dating old men of course!

Unless they happen to be blind and cheap at the same time.

p/s: No I won't pity cheap sluts for their situation. It's like pitying murderers for being violent in nature. Who did these sluts harm? Only decent wives and innocent children! Fuck that.

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