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Moving in 3 days

Busy busy! With shopping and scriptwriting that is! I just spent $325 yesterday in Ikea (the annual sale like lousy one leh...) buying 1 pink computer desk, 1 pink chest of 3 drawers, and a pink computer swivel chair --- ALL NEW IKEA PRODUCTS WITH AN AWESOME SHADE OF BABY PINK!! ! Can't find a photo of the computer table YOU GIRLS MUST ALL GO AND BUY THEM TOO SO THAT IKEA BRINGS IN MORE PINK FURNITURE! So exciting, we are moving into the new condo on the 1st, which is only 2 days more!!! I can't wait!! I have been shopping around on ebay, and I found this pink microwave , pots and pans, toasters and whatever not... and they are all so cute! Unfortunately Mike has forbidden me to turn his supposedly manly bachelor's pad into a pink fluffly place, so well... All pink products must be "quarantined" in my princess room. Sian... Maybe one day he will get colourblind and see all pink things as blue? My only hope. Does stabbing the eyeballs work? He's sl

Pissing me off

POST WITHDRAWN A friend of mine told me that he speculates (with a certain amount of certainty), that LZB's blog is set up by Jack Neo's company as a publicity stunt. (which would explain why someone bothered to take so many photos of her) Of course, this is just speculation - believe it or not, up to you, but until I see a video of LZB actually blogging I won't believe it. So anyway, I've taken away my previous post, because I personally feel that the undeserving scheming commercialised bastards don't need any more publicity. Plus, it is not being fair to the old lady if she didn't actually write all that. Poor old lady, used as a pawn. (If this is true, which I believe it to be.)

Road Trip: Episode 7 - The Night Market

Go watch it now!

Me and the Deathly Hallows

OMG MY LIFE AS IT IS IS ABOUT TO BE OVER!!! I'm currently around half into the last and final book of the most awesomest written thingys ever (I'm incoherent coz I am so flummoxed by intriguing bits of the book, so don't correct my English for a bit). I got my last book yesterday from Times in Tampines Mall, and when I got it, I didn't even look at the price (but instead went to kiss JK Rowling's face on the back page of the book). Honestly, if I were to consider it, I think the maximum amount of money I'd fork out to pay for her book would be, like... $500. Anything more and I'd use means of theft or piracy, but man, that's how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE HARRY POTTER!!! And I think Rowling COULD sell the book for that amount, but she doesn't, and I'm going to take that as a sign that she is indeed a deity of some sort!!!!! I LOVE YOU JOANNE ROWLING ! (Cried a bit when I read the site, it's such an inspiring story of how Harry got known to t

Creating the Top 7 disgusting bloggers blog

Don't we all just love backlash? No seriously, thought I'd share with you guys my mentality over creating this blog post of mine. I woke up one morning with a sudden urge to create a blog entry about all the disgusting bloggers around, because it seems that recently there are so many of them? What makes a disgusting blogger? With the obvious exception of Maddox (and me!), disgusting bloggers, are, to me, either (1) pretending to be something they are not or (2) think way too highly of themselves (and not in a joking manner, either, like I do). There are, of course, many other really ugly and gross people around blogging too, but as long as they know their place, I totally have no problems with them. =) Some of you have asked me, "Why do you have to do this to all these innocent people? They didn't do anything to you!" Well, look around you, people... Did I do anything to all those people who wrote all those mean stuff about me either? No sire, I didn'

Road Trip Epiosde 6 - The True or False Game


Top Seven Most Disgusting Bloggers (In the Singapore blogosphere)

STEVEN LIM The thing thats the most disgusting about him is: His face. Or more specifically, his eyes? The look in his eyes? Somehow, he just looks damn perverted everytime he looks at someone in "earnesty". Honestly! His body comes in a close second to in disgustingness to his face - it's old, flabby, sweaty, and JUST FUCKING GROSS!! Worse of all, he loves to dress in near-nakedness, most of the time wearing his 5-seconds-of-fame-in-Singapore-Idol undies. I'm sorry to tell you this Steven, but yellow is seriously not your colour!!!!!!!!!!! You know what's your colour though? A BLACK ARABIC SUIT COVERING YOUR EVERYTHING. I don't know about you guys but everytime I see the curly black hairs on his inner thighs, I have an image of his penis, perhaps around 9 cm in length, limp and also covered in the grotesque hairs as well as an overhanging foreskin with smegma on it. IT THEN PROCEEDS TO MAKE ME BARF!!!!! I need to STOP IT WITH THE OVERACTIVE IMA


Mike is sick so I'm taking care of him...


I spent, like, the last 2 hours approving comments (which is a tedious process by itself no thanks to Haloscan...), and I had like what, 42 pages of 15 comments each to approve??? I just asked you guys for an opinion out of curiosity, doesn't mean I'm really going to write about whatever has the most votes! And anyway, I still have 28 pages of comments worth to approve (more to come with this entry, and I'm really looking forward to approving them). If you want some content to read while I write something more interesting (yes, yes, either option 1 or 3, I'd go think about it), you can go read this site - since I blogged for 4 hours straight there. Personally, I don't know why so many of you chose 1 and 3! My personally choice, if I were a blogder and could force "Xiaxue" to blog about either one of those three, it is the pre-photoshopped photos... ... simply because there is some harm inflicted on her (by her I mean me) if she publishes that (tho


I'm sure all of you would have heard of Live Earth!! Today is 07-07-07 (unless you wanna nitpick about the 2 in the 2007 but personally I'd let it go), and Live Earth is happening right now in Singapore! What is this big hooha about this Live Earth thing? According to their website, it's "... a series of concerts to take place across all 7 continents on 7 July 2007 and an urgent call-to-action to start taking steps to save our planet." So yes... I've been asked to do my part to blog for 4 hours tonight from 5pm till 9pm at One Fullerton (I sincerely hope the people there will provide me dinner), so if you want to catch me there, you are welcome to visit!!!!!!! Mike will be there too, in case any spgs want to come and try to seduce him. For more information, you can click here and here . ************* p/s: As a note of interest, if you guys can only choose 1 of these 3 topics for me to blog about, which will be your choice? 1) True love story of how M

Indulgzing is not just for the super rich - Part II

Advertorial MUAHAHAHA!! The day Indulgz announces its new menu is the day I am happy! Some of you have seen my first advertorial for them (that was a happy day too!) and this is my second! (Digressing a little bit, I'm very poor thing lor... I was editing the photos for this entry, and the photos look so delicious that I got reallllllly hungry, but all there was to eat at home is Maggi mee, which I just ate. It's disgusting, when all I want is good, yummy Indulgz food.) Indulgz Bistro is situated at Tan Quee Lan Street, Bugis, directly opposite the DHL balloon! I invited Shuyin, Wanyi and Eekean this time (since Wanyi missed out the last time due to her being sick, and Weili is now overseas), but WY had to go to something the very last minute, so Mike took over instead! Mike was so happy he might have skipped around a bit. Like a bumblebee. I love Transformers! Back to the topic... Welcome in! Shuyin and EK are ungrateful twerps! They were late! Eekean being