I'm sure all of you would have heard of Live Earth!!

Today is 07-07-07 (unless you wanna nitpick about the 2 in the 2007 but personally I'd let it go), and Live Earth is happening right now in Singapore!

What is this big hooha about this Live Earth thing? According to their website, it's "... a series of concerts to take place across all 7 continents on 7 July 2007 and an urgent call-to-action to start taking steps to save our planet."

So yes... I've been asked to do my part to blog for 4 hours tonight from 5pm till 9pm at One Fullerton (I sincerely hope the people there will provide me dinner), so if you want to catch me there, you are welcome to visit!!!!!!!

Mike will be there too, in case any spgs want to come and try to seduce him.

For more information, you can click here and here.


p/s: As a note of interest, if you guys can only choose 1 of these 3 topics for me to blog about, which will be your choice?

1) True love story of how Mike and I got together
2) Pre-photoshop pre-nose-job pictures exposed!! The Real Xiaxue
3) Top 5 most disgusting bloggers in the Singaporean Blogosphere

Choose only one!!!

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