Monday, July 23, 2007

Me and the Deathly Hallows


I'm currently around half into the last and final book of the most awesomest written thingys ever (I'm incoherent coz I am so flummoxed by intriguing bits of the book, so don't correct my English for a bit).

I got my last book yesterday from Times in Tampines Mall, and when I got it, I didn't even look at the price (but instead went to kiss JK Rowling's face on the back page of the book).

Honestly, if I were to consider it, I think the maximum amount of money I'd fork out to pay for her book would be, like... $500. Anything more and I'd use means of theft or piracy, but man, that's how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!

And I think Rowling COULD sell the book for that amount, but she doesn't, and I'm going to take that as a sign that she is indeed a deity of some sort!!!!!

I LOVE YOU JOANNE ROWLING! (Cried a bit when I read the site, it's such an inspiring story of how Harry got known to the world)

(mild spoilers)

In the biography Rita Skeeter bullshitted for Dumbledore, I personally think, JK Rowling wrote it as a tribute to the horrific movies that are done for the book, especially that piece of shit Goblet of Fire, where Dumbledore was portrayed as a deranged old man who talks loudly and tries to strangle Harry.

"LIES!" shouts Harry, at the article. Hear hear! It's the same for movie 4!!! Here's what I think of you, movie 4! *shows rude gesture to the imaginary shocked director*

So anyway, so far the book is proving to be quite depressing, with people dying here and there and I've already cried like 3 times in 7 chapters or something!

I don't see how they can finish finding all the horcruxes (horcruxes was underlined red to symbolize a spelling error, and I was like, "Did I spell the plural wrongly?" then I realised that it is a magical word obviously not in the dictionary, kua kua...) within the second half of the book, when there's still four to destroy!!

Well, anyway, I'm obviously not going to blog more because I am going to return to the best read of our time, and YOU ALL SHOULD GO BUY THE BOOK TOO!

I don't care if like a majority of you "don't give a batshit about this stupid book" or "only have seen the movies, no big deal..." this is my blog and I'd write about anything I want!

On a completely different tangent, Qihua also bought a DS lite (that makes like, ALL of my friends, almost), and there are two new colours, metallic rose and silver!

Nintendo should really pay me some money, I made so many people buy that shit!


Lovely day, you all!

(Ikea having clearance sale, I'm going!)


Trivia about Harry Potter are welcome in the comments, BUT DO NOT POST THE ENDING.

My cousin was telling me that the Chinese papers reported the ending of the book, and that MADE ME SO FURIOUS!

If anyone dared to tell me the ending I'd box them in the face and demand they pay me back my $53.99!

I didn't go buy the fucking book only to have the ending revealed to me by some idiot!

Thus, I will not moderate the comments, and will not read them till I've finished the book, and if you intend to read the book you shouldn't read the comments too because I'm sure some idiot is a gigantic spoiler!

This is the time you can feel free to slander me on the comments. Yes yes, I'm a slut, I'm fat, whatever.