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Becoming a shopaholic

HELP! I cannot resist the happiness that money can buy! Due to my late hours, my shopping always used to be limited to just the rare occasions when I actually wake up and bother to go out in time before the shops all close. HOWEVER, recently a very horrible (but still rather pleasing) event has just occurred in my life, and I'm telling you, this event is the one to blame for the lack of blogging recently. Speaking of reasons for lack of blogging, I'm sure some of you have seen some photos on my friends' blogs about my new amazingly pink princess room, but I'm not ready to show photos yet!! Must wait! Right now, I have not started painting it pink (stripes) yet, and the giant mirror still has to be mounted, encircled with pink fur, and blah blah blah. A lot of work lar!!!!!! I shall only show you guys when it is completely ready. :D So yeah, I was saying... this recent activity of mine that has been keeping me from blogging... . . . . . . . . . . . . EBAYIN

Ring Ring

Advertorial A friend asked me to go to Clarke Quay one evening, and I saw these two angmohs performing their hearts out. Their songs are really cute, and so I chatted them up, and they told me they used to top the charts in Belgium!! In exchange I told them about my blog, and thus this little advertorial to introduce this band to you! Connexion is a duo made out of two angmohs, and they have a one-hit wonder song a long time ago that apparently made them famous (in Belgium that is). And now, the band is about to make a comeback with their tour in Singapore! Why Singapore I have no idea - maybe they like our SPGs? Heehee... And the funniest thing is, they actually starred in a SWEATBAND commerical back in their heyday! What the ruddy hell is a sweatband? Is it a sweaty band? WATCH THE COMMERCIAL (I assure you it is super duper funny) A sweatband is apparently something you tie on your head to absorb 3 times the sweat... Now I know... It's super hilarious I tell you,

Girl on Girl

Advertorial Munkysuperstar (the good people who brought you Girls Out Loud) came up with another reality show, and this time, it's called Girl on Girl! And it's hosted by Rozzie!! Before you start thinking how come Mediacorp would agree to boardcast some good old lesbian scenes, get your mind out of the gutter! Girl on Girl is a reality show where 6 girls compete to do typically male tasks, such as changing tires, daunting physical activities, or I don't know, shaving beards and what's not. (I'm kidding about the shaving, I'm sure it's not very sexy to watch a girl shave her beard on tv) Hehe... (Digressing, I think there should be a male version of this show where straight boys are asked to braid hair and wax legs and I dunno, multi-task? Walk in high heels? Would be super entertaining!) In typical Gillian fashion (Gillian is director of the show), she casted very GIRLY girls to go on the show, and I doubt all of them really knew what they wer

The happiest day of my life

A few days ago I really met the worst cab driver I ever encountered in my entire life. AND I TELL YOU, I've encountered some really bad ones before! But this one really karate-kicks the rest to his position of champion of all m******cking cab drivers (got to censor the vulgarities a bit since the advertorial is being run, will revert to normal vulgarities after this... Haha) Okok, so Eekean invited me to a party at Ridout Road . I had no idea where Ridout Road is, but I did know I was running late, so I called for a cab. Before my called cab arrived I got a SMRT cab, thinking, woohoo, I just saved $4, it must be my lucky day! I cancelled my call, and hopped on, not noticing that the sky turned pewter grey and lightning struck a nearby dove as a subtle ominous foreboding for me. The Chinese uncle was ancient and raspily asked me, "Going where?" I replied, "Ridout Road." Rid-Out Road. I pronounced it this way. He said "Huh? What?" Ri-

This blog exists to advocate gay justice

Got nothing much to blog about recently in my life (except for new house stuff, which I'm sure most of you aren't interested in - after all, if the blog title had been " Home and Living: Xiaxue's new place! " would you be craning your neck now to read the following promising story?), so I've decided to show you guys some emails that I have received recently. It seems, every now and then, there would be some fuckers who ask me to use my blog's popularity to help them give some shitass cause more awareness - be it " save the whales ", or " don't wear fur ", or " give us paedophiles a break, we made our choice and it's our freedom! " - like I really give a shit. The only cause I care about enough to blog about is perhaps how pink-lovers are often unfairly judged (just because we like pink doesn't mean we are all frivolous and stupid!! *sees a pink feather boa nearby and runs chirpily to it, distracted*), but that