Sunday, August 26, 2007

Becoming a shopaholic


I cannot resist the happiness that money can buy!

Due to my late hours, my shopping always used to be limited to just the rare occasions when I actually wake up and bother to go out in time before the shops all close.

HOWEVER, recently a very horrible (but still rather pleasing) event has just occurred in my life, and I'm telling you, this event is the one to blame for the lack of blogging recently.

Speaking of reasons for lack of blogging, I'm sure some of you have seen some photos on my friends' blogs about my new amazingly pink princess room, but I'm not ready to show photos yet!!

Must wait! Right now, I have not started painting it pink (stripes) yet, and the giant mirror still has to be mounted, encircled with pink fur, and blah blah blah.

A lot of work lar!!!!!!

I shall only show you guys when it is completely ready. :D

So yeah, I was saying... this recent activity of mine that has been keeping me from blogging...



WHY WHY WHY EBAY? Why you choose May and Choy as your ambassadors?! You must choose me mah! I am like (albeit only recently) ebay's biggest fan can?!

(No, ebay is not paying me to write this)

It all started when I saw Hayden Patteritte (or however to spell her name, I can't be bothered to go check) on TV show Heroes using the Juicy Couture Sidekick phone.

Even comes with its own chio pouch... kuakua...

Ok, so it's seriously gorgeous, and for a period of time, it was like the ONLY THING I EVER DESIRED.

Kelvin conveniently told me to try ebay - which, to be frank, I never used to trust because the Singaporean ebayers have blah items, and I didn't trust the overseas sellers with my money.

But desperate desires call for desperate measures, right?

So I went on International ebay to see if I can find this fabulous piece of calling machine.

And Voila, like 9 people were selling their Juicy phones!

Just before I bid, however, a forum I read said that the sidekick has to not only be unlocked for use in Singapore, but if successfully unlocked (which is unlikely because you need some code from T-mobile, a selfish US phone line provider), most of the functions will not even work.

What's the point of that bigass phone if I cannot email or IM on it?

I gave up on the phone, but it did not stop me from scratching out the word "phone" and just typing in "Juicy Couture".

What I saw almost killed me. Or my bank account, rather.


Being not available in Singapore (except for a puny counter in tangs selling only watches at a ridiculous price - what's your point, little counter, huh? Selling to leprechauns?), it really stunned me how gorgeous their products can be!!


Call me sua ku, but besides bags, tracksuits, shoes, socks, underwear and accessories, they even have travel packs and school supplies and laptop sleeves (which they proudly proclaim "Couture Computer") ok!


Well, those I can't afford, but there are a lot of other products that are at really good prices, and the items are all brand new!

Shipping, however, usually costs from $25 to $40(!) sing.


But worth it what, some things just cannot be found in Singapore.

I'm beginning to think that shopping here is really lousy.

These are the things I bought so far, in Singapore dollars (all brand new and authentic unless otherwise stated):

Juicy Couture top
$41.60 - with shipping $74.63

I cannot resist things that are baby pink and terry cloth combined.

I just can't. The Juicy people know my weakness....

Born in the Glamourous USA!!!

Juicy Couture Straw tote
$66.50, plus shipping $95.81

This bag was lightly used, but still, I like it so much! Just hope the chick who used it is not a gross person. Or dead. Or a diseased whore. Arghhh! Stop it.

There was another seller selling the brand new one for like $200, but the deal I've got seems much better. :)

Box of Fafi postcards
$13.60, with shipping $20

I love Fafi! It's really hard to find Fafi products, and I was thinking of painting Fafi on my wall (some of you might not know, but I'm pretty talented in drawing) so these cards would act as a guide. :)

Quidditch through the ages
$5.60 (kuakua so cheap), plus shipping $11.70

HARRY POTTER MANIA! I don't think Singapore sells this book, and plus, this is a true-blue Great Britain first edition!

Digressing, I was looking at random Harry Potter auctions, and some of the first edition signed copies of Rowling's books are going for as high as $10,000!!


I looked at those people bidding so much for a book, and it just struck me how sweet it is to look at all these anonymous ebayers, who, like me, love Harry Potter so much and I dunno, I got so moved, I actually cried.

I know, so stupid. But Harry Potter is so so so fantastic... Oh, Snape... Ok I'm gonna start crying again. To happier things!

Baby Phat halter dress
$40, plus shipping $66

With "Baby Phat" in cursive gold letters

Baby Phat products are really gorgeous too and they are not available in Singapore as well!

And baby pink + terry? Sigh... The dress hasn't arrived yet but I hope it fits.

Victoria's Secret Angel tote
$21 total

This is the only thing I bought from a local seller. I've been wanting a clear bag for some time now, all the better to show off my sparkly gadgets with. HAHAHA!

Juicy Couture Starlet Bag
$86 (really a steal compared to original price), plus shipping $110.

Don't think I have to say anything about this. The words say "Juicy Girl's Club" and "Juicy girl next door". Perfect for a casual day out in jeans. :D

z22 Palm PDA
$81, plus shipping $129

I've been looking for a nice looking and small palmtop in Singapore to no avail, but found this on ebay!

The bids started from $0.01 and went up to $81 - which I won. So so so happy!

Now it's diamante-encrusted (pics later) and helps me keep my appointments, which I kept forgetting, much to the anger of many people. Sorry lar!

Playboy satin jacket
$56, plus shipping $74

Playboy products are also very cute but unavailable in Singapore! This jacket is quilted all over and is satin grey and baby pink!


Juicy Couture wallet
$54, plus shipping $89

I love it soooooo much! :)

Juicy couture tracksuit (Model not included)
$80, plus shipping $106

Perfect for those late night supper sessions, or to fly to exotic countries in! Softest terry, J zip puller, with sweet pink eyelet lace on the sleeve-ends! =D

And perhaps the most absurd steal of all...

$0.01, plus shipping $40

Ridiculous or not you tell me?! I dunno how the seller can manage to earn back his cost lor!

The iron works FANTASTICALLY (ceramic-coated negative ions technology blah blah) and is a awfully cute shade of pink!


And even with shipping, $40 for hair iron is very cheap lor. HAPPY!!

My guilty splurge...

Juicy Couture watch
$312, plus shipping $330

It's so ex leh, but the authentic ones (I saw at Tangs) can go up to $1,000 plus!!! Madness.

And I really, really like this. Sigh... I'm becoming a shopaholic with no sense of control.

I'm sorry if you guys are bored with my shopping products, but I HAVE TO SHARE ALL THESE WITH PEOPLE!!!

I am also gonna buy...

Shoes! Ebay shoes are so cheap, all the starting bids are like $15! I just don't know if I should get size 5 or 6 (US the size is different one, our 5 seems to be their 6), must wait for the sellers to get back to me.

Ok ok, enough of shopping! My point is just that ebay is fantastic and they should endorse me!!! Hehe... I just love winning a bid - fighting with somebody else and finally wrenching the item from some disappointed chick's hands is AWESOME!


For those of you who liked Girls Out Loud, there is virtually no hope for a season 2 (apparently people wrote in to MCS to say I am racist blah blah and that the show is promoting wrong values such as plastic surgery and exotic dancing *rolls eyes* - and Mediacorp takes such dickheads' opinions very seriously)...

But I'm pleased to announce a slightly similar substitute of it... except without my fantastic co-host Rozz.

Munkysuperstar is now producing XIAXUE'S GUIDE TO LIFE - a lifestyle program of me talking and doing nonsense!!

"Wanna learn how to make money doing nothing? How to find true love? How to lose weight without exercising? Xiaxue shows you how with practical and definitive advice! But don't take her too seriously; it probably won't work for most of you."

Fortunately for me, whenever I talk and do nonsense people seem to find it amusing, thus, a show is born!

The first ep is available here:

Getting my first tattoo!
Does it hurt?
How does the procedure go?
Check it out yourself. :)

Nope, it won't be on TV, but isn't it better to see it online where you can hear all my vulgarities loud and clear - anytime you want?!



P/s: Hairspray is fucking fantastic. I swear, everytime that Zac Efron comes to the screen and does his wink or "And I'm... Link..." thingy, THE WHOLE CINEMA SWOONS. Did anyone else notice this phenomenon too? A swooning cinema? I swear it's damn amazing, even Brad Pitt doesn't get such responses.

Alot of good shows recently ah!! I also liked 881, Evan Almighty (so many cute animals) and I can already predict I will love Ratatouille. Yeah la maybe I spelt it wrong, but the time I still cared about people commenting on my English has long passed! Can't be bothered!

I blogged this post for 5 hours straight, and I am finally joining poor Mike in bed at 6.30am. -_-