Girl on Girl


Munkysuperstar (the good people who brought you Girls Out Loud) came up with another reality show, and this time, it's called Girl on Girl!

And it's hosted by Rozzie!!

Before you start thinking how come Mediacorp would agree to boardcast some good old lesbian scenes, get your mind out of the gutter!

Girl on Girl is a reality show where 6 girls compete to do typically male tasks, such as changing tires, daunting physical activities, or I don't know, shaving beards and what's not. (I'm kidding about the shaving, I'm sure it's not very sexy to watch a girl shave her beard on tv)


(Digressing, I think there should be a male version of this show where straight boys are asked to braid hair and wax legs and I dunno, multi-task? Walk in high heels? Would be super entertaining!)

In typical Gillian fashion (Gillian is director of the show), she casted very GIRLY girls to go on the show, and I doubt all of them really knew what they were in for - except that the prize money is $10,000.

Eh, I also told my friend Qihua (or Kaykay, as we call her) to go for the casting, and she got in as well.

She called me after the first task - which was already shown on Channel 5 - and told me about how severely injured she was.

I think I detected a note of hatred from her for introducing her to the show. You might win $10,000 mah, must think about that!!!

Here are some photos of the contestants...

Personally, I think the shampoo contestants are the chioest...

No la joking, the girls are not competing with shampoos, actually it's just that this show is brought to you by Clear Men - the first anti dandruff range for men!

Who can forget the sexy Italian-looking man who used to have a dandruff problem? (On the tv ad la, stupid)

The winner of this show is determined not only be the scores they get during the show, but also largely based on INTERNET VOTING!

Don't want your favourite girl to sob her heart out coz she lost? Go vote for her now! (I don't want to be biased but I'm telling ya, VOTE FOR KAY KAY!!!)

Prizes for voting:

10 weekly prizes each week; Timbre vouchers, Schick hampers, cash vouchers at Storm Hair, 2 years’ free subscription to NewMan and Xbox “Get Connected” packages. The grand prize is $5,000 and BMW Advanced Driver Training for the winner and 2 friends.

All that the guys have to do is vote for their favourite girl and they are immediately eligible for the lucky draws. From 1 – 31 August, they can gain additional 1,000 points with any Clear Men shampoo purchased at selected NTUC Fairprice supermarkets.

There are still two episodes left for tv telecast - the challenge of enduring a million creepy cockroaches in a trapped area, and the grand finale.

The show is on Channel 5 every Thursday, 11.30pm.

Alternatively, log on to clearlyformen now. :) You can watch all the episodes you missed there!

Who do you think is the chioest contestant?

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