Mike, me and two babies

Short post today... Momo just sold our Teban flat (for a vast price advantage since the market is SO crazy now for property) so Momo and Didi are moving out too in a few months!!

I am a bit horrified because this means that if Mike dumps me I'd have like, nowhere to go to for a few months till Momo gets a new place!

So anyway, the point is that I have to go back to Teban to get the remainder of my stuff (which is really so much, I'm dreading it), and find places for it in the princess room!

Remember the Ikea guys who came to my place and found it unoccupied, so I had to pay $30 extra as a penalty?

Well, THEY forgot to come the next day themselves, so I called them and was like, "Where is my furniture? I don't see why I have to pay $30 if you guys make mistakes..." and the phone guy cut in and told me not to worry, I don't have to pay anything extra.

Sweet!! I haven't even used the "I took one day off work you know, who is going to pay for my losses?! HUH?!" tactic. I know I don't work la, but it's a perfect excuse man!

Right. I need to stop being such an auntie. I AM A TRENDY 23 YEAR OLD!

Yesterday, I was looking at a broom outside NTUC. (Don't judge me, everyone needs brooms!)

I've procrastinated buying a broom/mop because all of them are sooooooooo fugly, and I JUST REFUSE to spend money on ugly things! Florescent yellow, green and red bristles on a red handle?! Gross! (Mike: "FOR GOODNESS SAKE IT'S JUST A BROOM WHY DO YOU CARE IF IT'S UGLY?!")

So I was looking at the NTUC broom, blue and grey (quite decent looking), selling for $4.20, when a true blue auntie came to me.

She said, "WAH, you want to buy broom hor, buy from Sheng Siong leh... Cheap there..." and she looks really quite mad, like she haven't spoken to a human for months.

"I bought this handle there," - she holds up the fugly red wooden excuse of a broom handle.

"only $1. And then I go to Shop n' save buy this broom head, also $1... This NTUC hor... " - she looks at NTUC with a wrinkled nose, apparently disgusted by the price disparity, "VERI EXPENSIVE!! Don't buy don't buy."

I stared at her speechless for 2 seconds before replying, "OK", and she walked off.

Completely bonkers. Who the fuck would go to so many supermarkets to save $2.20? Walking there can buy me the time to write 2 advertorials to earn me more than 1,000 times of the saved amount. (Not that I got so many advertorials to write la, but still)

And saving $2.20 to get a ugly broom that everyone will look at and judge you by? (Don't say nobody looks at it hor, what if a guest spills something?!) No thank you!

Anyway, my point about this whole chunk is that an auntie takes me for a fellow penny-wise-dollar-foolish auntie too!

How... how could she? I... I... I have tattoos! I... I'm wearing Havaianas! I'm young and young people don't care about saving two pennies!

HMPF! Very angry. From now on I shall shop for groceries only at Jason's. Or Cold storage Jelita. Ok I need to stop listing supermarkets.

Shuyin came over and bought me a hot pink saucepan! Love!

And as promised, the pictures of our two lovely "pets":

Click to enlarge, but softly, they are sleeping

They are bloody cute. Soon they'd grow up to be fat, stupid and annoying pigeons though.

More photos soon.

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