Ring Ring


A friend asked me to go to Clarke Quay one evening, and I saw these two angmohs performing their hearts out. Their songs are really cute, and so I chatted them up, and they told me they used to top the charts in Belgium!!

In exchange I told them about my blog, and thus this little advertorial to introduce this band to you!

is a duo made out of two angmohs, and they have a one-hit wonder song a long time ago that apparently made them famous (in Belgium that is).

And now, the band is about to make a comeback with their tour in Singapore!

Why Singapore I have no idea - maybe they like our SPGs? Heehee...

And the funniest thing is, they actually starred in a SWEATBAND commerical back in their heyday!

What the ruddy hell is a sweatband?

Is it a sweaty band?

WATCH THE COMMERCIAL (I assure you it is super duper funny)

A sweatband is apparently something you tie on your head to absorb 3 times the sweat... Now I know...

It's super hilarious I tell you, with the mullets and the disco balls, haha! Even includes a blonde chick doing nothing for maximum manliness effect!!

You think the hilarity stops here, but no!

Their one-hit-wonder song will have you humming subconsciously to it while cooking maggi mee, and then slapping yourself for not snapping out of the song after 10 hours.



That is as good a MTV as it can get, huh? Ring ring ring ring, why won't you pick up the phone...?


Connexion talk show:

They are my new idols leh.

The point of this blog entry? Nothing, I just wanted to show you all Connexion. Ring ring ring ring, why won't you pick up the phone?

Skarly you house phone ring all by itself after you finish reading this... Woo, scary!

P/s: View Connexion's website here!!!

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