Thursday, August 2, 2007

Super Unlucky!

Today is officially the most unlucky day of my life!! It's only 3pm as
I am writing this, but it's already a clear champion.

OK, I woke up at 1130am when I am supposed to reach munkysuperstar by
12pm. The giant zit on my face has blossomed to it's maximum size (I
swear, 1 cm across) BUT CANNOT BE SQUEEZED.

I tried to squeeze it, so it burst and only some pus-like liquid came
out (I know, I have no sex appeal whatsoever), and the whitehead or
whatever solid thing pimples have when they want to be spiteful just
refused to show, so the zit is still going strong - and plus now its
even more swollen.

It's on the side of my nose, so I wore sunglasses to cover it, and I
swear it even made my sunglasses lop-sided. -_-

Mike and I just moved into the new condo yesterday night, so I had to
spend some time to find my concealer among the mess. (pictures to come

By 1140am, I was about to step into the shower when I realised that
only Mike has the keys, so it's very likely he locked me in when he
went off to work, and so I went out to check!


So I called Mike, who agreed to come home to unlock me from work
(lucky it was lunch hour), but also kindly reminded me that the Ikea
movers were coming at 1pm to send me my pink furniture.

I panicked, because nobody would be home. I completely forgot.

Called 100 and then called Ikea Tampines.

While I undressed to hop into the shower and talk to whoever at the
same time, Ikea's answering machine happily told me that Ikea has
extended shopping hours to 11pm on the following dates: BLAH BLAH BLAH

Finally I got a human, and she told me the truck already dispatched
and that I can't push the time later! She said she'd call me back.

1 min later, the dispatch guy called me (but not on the woman's
instructions, just so happens), and told me they are on their way and
would arrive soon - to a house that has nobody inside!

So I told the guy that I won't be home, and I asked how much I have to
pay as a penalty.

He replied that I have already paid in full.

I rolled my eyes and told him that I won't be home, so how much it is
to deliver it again lah?



As it turns out I have to pay an additional $30 on top of the $40
delivery + $15 fixing charge. $85 - that's even more expensive than my
computer table or chair. CHAO CHEEBYE.

So I rushed to munkysuperstar after this, and the most cliche of all
mishaps - I KENA MY DA YI MA! (I'm not going to explain what that is
if you don't already know).

I had to walk to 7/11 to buy the necessary and then go to This Fashion
for a new pair of shorts. Tried on 4 pairs before 1 fitted, which is
just awesome.

My life is perfect.

On a better note, our condo's windows has a sort of deep trench
outside each window for putting flower pots (cute huh?) and there is a
pigeon that built a nest there!!


It's fucking cute, yesterday night the pigeon was sitting on the ledge
looking at her eggs, and Mike lit up a tealight and put it a little
way beside the bird to light up the scene (the pigeon did not fly
away) and we just watched her for a long time, and we even had a clear
view of the eggs, which were white and the size of quail eggs.

And this morning, the eggs hatched and little ugly pink pigeonlings
were all struggling for attention and the mama was feeding them!

I'd go take a photo once I can. =) Don't know when I can get internet
connection to post it up though.


Ok, are you between 17-25 and want to win $1,500? Yeah? Awesome.
(Speaking of 17 - 25, I'm going to be out of that age range in 2 years
and I'd be so upset...)

I was informed of a new competition all you bored people at home can join!

It's called... *drumroll*


Where musical knowledge is secondary!!!

The name sounds very funny right?

Air band literally means that you can be a band performing - with air
for instruments!

There is no need for any singing or musical talent, all you need is
some showmanship and maybe a sense of humour! :D

Get a band of 3 or more people and dress up while playing your
favourite song in the background lip-sync to your heart's content
while performing!

(On the site is a demo video clip, you can go and look)

The video has to be 90 secs long and recorded on a Memorex CD.

Besides winning the grand prize of $1,500, the winner also gets to
perform in Cathay Cineleisure. If you have no singing or musical
talent yet you want to be a rock star, here's your chance man!

Hehe... If I join I'd be singing (by singing I mean lip-syncing) Avril
Lavinge's "Girlfriend", for no other reason other than it annoys the
hell out of Mike.

Which is stupid because when I am telling him I don't like his
girlfriend it means I don't like myself. Oh well.

Then I'd walk around punching random people's girlfriends just because
they "should get a new one".

You know what other song is annoying? That Beyonce to the left to the

Someone (was it Weili?) said that Beyonce will fall down if she really
keep going to the left because it is going in very tight circles.
Hehehe... That's a brilliant idea right there! You keep going to your
left in the video then at the end of it you faint and fall!

Or or... You can act like Mr Bean in his movie where he lip-syncs to
the opera tune in a woeful way!!

Or or or... Imitate a heavy metal band by playing the National Anthem!
National Day coming mah!

Man, I am so full of refreshing ideas.

The judging criteria for the top 10 teams are as such:

- 60% based on public voting via the website (the faster you film the
better for votes lar!)
- 10% based on the number of views to the team's video, and
- 30% decision by organisers

There are 10 prizes to be won:

1st prize: $1,500 cash + $500 worth of Memorex products
2nd prize: $200 cash + $100 worth of Memorex products
3rd prize: $100 + $100 Memorex products

7 consolution prizes: $100 for each team

Easy to win lah! Quickly go and ask your friends to come over and
record now! Use handphone or digicam or webcam, any format also can!

Send you entry CD/DVD to:

Ultimate Air Band
59 Oxley Road