Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A little story

This is obviously not written by me... :) I asked a little help from Shuyin (and her boyfriend) - and I think that their story's much nicer!!

Maybe they can also be associate editors of Chinese newspapers, haha!

Don't ask me to explain it - I obviously can't do a good job of that! It's not that important anyway, I'm just trying to prove a point.

My point is... I don't really know... Maybe that... you can be as high-browed and as profound as you want - but communication is not about whose words are more beautifully weaved or more bombastic. Perhaps being interesting take more talent than being enigmatically incomprehensible.

Shitload of photos soonish. I just finished packing all my make-up into their new respective homes!

p/s: I like this blog entry. :D

p/p/s: Shuyin just msn-ed me and insisted I say that her boyfriend did most of the writing, not her.

Update: If your Chinese is half-past six, please don't embarrass yourself by shouting that the first sentence was lifted off Qiong Yao and therefore discredits my friend, the writer.

If I write the Happy Birthday Song now on my blog, is it supposed to also be plagiarism? Clearly not - it's too famous to pass off as my own. The first sentence is a famous ancient saying NOT created by Qiong Yao, and in this context it doesn't have anything to do with lovers. If you don't understand what it means, then don't bother. The meaning is not for you anyway.

By the way, I'm deeply impressed by the later comments. It appears that some readers have a really good understanding of Chinese!