I've got nothing to blog about!

Recently nothing made me angry!! Isn't it amazing? No horrible cab drivers, no rude service, nobody insulting me (excessively enough to create a reaction), no nothing!

And therefore, I've got nothing to complain about - and what is this blog without my various complains?!

Sigh... Never thought I'd have a problem with being perfectly happy.

Anyhow... PHOTOS!!

Qing qing and I shopping at Plaza Singapore before Kaykay joined us! There was this wall that was completely plastered a super girly wallpaper and I forced QQ to camwhore there. =)

How is it that I am more teen now than when I was a teen?!

Afterwards, we went to KTV!

I know I am wearing different clothes. That's because I changed into my newly bought M)phosis (however it is spelt) gold satin romper! It's damn cute lar!! Unfortunately, to pee you have to peel off the entire suit, which is fucking stupid.

Got those Good-Camera effect or not?? I specially blurred the background out, hehe...

Actually it is because I don't like Kelvin. Hate you for flying all the time!!

He is now in Shanghai and when he comes back he and QQ are going to jet off to JAPAN CAN?!?! I am so jealous!

Never mind. Speaking of trips, I just spent $2.2k on a plane ticket to USA to visit Mike's family.

Leaving on 11th of Dec. So long more. :(

Super expensive leh... I think plane tickets are super overpriced. The ride itself is not even fucking enjoyable, and it costs as much as a new laptop that you can use for years and years! But boh pian... that's the price lor.

CAN'T WAIT! I made Mike promise to bring me to Juicy Couture shops, and I'm gonna eat turkey and celebrate a real thanksgiving!!

Mike's mom also invited me to be in the family portrait taking... HOW SWEET IS THAT? Think I'd look very odd though, one Chinese in an all-angmoh family.

Sorry sorry... back to photos:

Kelvin very contented. If those two ever get married I'm so gonna demand a huge matchmaker's fee!

Dinner with high school friends... Ghim's birthday (way belated)!

Wong, Ghimz, me (in very vain pose)

Peiying and Xiaofeng

Mike came along too.

Coincidentally enough, when we were all in TCC, we saw more River Valley (secondary school) CLASSMATES! How weird is that?!

Different clique one la, but the girls of their clique were all sitting at a table drinking coffee together with one guy I didn't know.

After some customary exclamations of surprise and hellos, we sat down on a different table and Eekean casually announced to us, "Oh, did you all know Jessica is getting married? I think that one is her husband."

I sprayed my drink all over her, that is, if I had already ordered a drink.

Eekean acted like it was no big deal and she announces old secondary school classmates' wedding news every other day.


She's getting married next JANUARY!!


(btw Jess, congrats hor!)

It is just sooooooo weird to think of your old friends (remember when I knew her she was 15) having sex and doing adult things like filing taxes or getting married!!

To my horror, when I told everyone that I think it's very weird to see your secondary school friends getting married, everyone told me that this is happening to them too, and it is not that weird what, the girls our age are getting close to marriage age anyway blah blah blah... To top it all off, QQ added that her friends (22) are indeed all seemingly pregnant.

I'm getting fucking old leh!

In 2 years' time I will be having my ten-year reunion with my sec 3 and 4 classmates, and by that time Jessica would probably be bringing her new baby along with her... *gasp*

Soooooo weird.

I guess people would think it's weird to see me too... Nose job and all. And if anyone in my class were to venture a guess to who will date an angmoh in future, I doubt anyone will choose me.

I looked woefully at Mike and told him to marry me fast so that I can be the first in our class to get married leh, but he don't want. Only like $25 and one trip to ROM also wanna giam.

Or is it like $15? Getting married in Singapore very cheap leh.

I got invited to go on the DHL BALLOON!

It's so sad, the balloon might be forced to close down/relocate! So go on it before it ends! It's $23 per ride I think.

That's cheap, considering the helium inside the balloon costs $60,000! Mad hor?

I like DHL and all, but wouldn't it be nice if some pink brand was sponsoring the balloon instead? Like, like, DIOR... OR maybe a sleek black Chanel balloon... WOOHOO!

I can almost smell the bin

Me and baby

Red and Yellow...

Macdonalds also red and yellow... Courts and Ikea are yellow and blue... If I had a brand it would be baby pink and tan (like colour of light brown satin) or baby pink and pale blue-green... Mmmm...

I am so totally blogging out my nonsensical thoughts.


It's so fun!

The balloon went super high up...

Our view

Happy angmoh

Held up from our plunging deaths only by these

"MARRY ME," I shout... "OR I'LL JUMP!" Mike ignored me.

With Clara, my poly classmate...

who just so happens to be friends with the PR guy who invited me, Jonathan.

With Jonathan this time

I bought a new set of MJ tiles, table, chips and dice!


Behold the chioness:

They sold this baby pink plastic mat thing you pin onto the table... Only $7 lor! Too bad the table can't be prettier.

The dice are glittery gold!

The diminutive lady selling the MJ products let me choose the chips as well, so I have grey and pink chips with a baby pink "Qi Zhuang" pointer!

The tiles are baby pink and looks like marshmallows.

The girls are all very happy with the chio set!

In total, this costs $106... Before I even play I already lose so much lor!

To my horror, after playing numerous games with this set, you know what?


It has been like what, at least 10 rounds of MJ played?


Scary or not?! I'd say that I win and lose perhaps 50-50 usually... maybe win more often than losing even, but with this set of mahjong it is 100% losing rate!

It is beginning to make me quite hate it. I get super grumpy every time I play at home lor, coz the cards are always, without fail, fucking shitty.

Oh well, at least I don't have to take $20 cab rides back home anymore when people come over to play... :(

And stop laughing at my satin home shorts! They are very comfy and perfect PJs.

Back in Teban

Momo's moving, and in transition she has to stay with my aunt, whose house was not convenient for Cloudy, so we had to give him away to my mom's friend... :(

Don't judge him, he just had his hair all shaved off! Usually he is very fluffy and cute.

I'll miss you Cloud Cloud!!

He is just the best dog ever... He never barks, and whenever you call him he'd just jump up your knee and rest there. :'(

My mom's says she is packing, but it seems she is just messing the place up! haha

Momo with Cloudy

Me with my delinquent brother

After dinner with my family I went to meet Kel and the rest.

Timmy posing with my favourite Island Creamery ice cream...

He is working there part-time, so girls, if you wanna know him just go to Great World City, eh?

Palut Hitam!

Black glutinous rice! You know that coconuty dessert? It tastes exactly like the dessert except it's an ice cream!


Thus ends the weird a-spot-of-monochrome pictures.

At Weili's place for dinner, where we spent a good hour just laughing at celebrities on President's Star Charity.

Is it very mean to think that parents to who choose to give birth to a retarded child (knowing he is retarded to begin with) don't deserve much sympathy? I personally think abortion would be kinder to the kid than to make him live a half-fucked life where he is so different from the rest of society.

Random photo of my current favourite shorts: $10 pink satin shorts with ribbon side-tie!! :D

And I shall end off this blog entry with pictures of my new dye-job!!

Went to bleach blonde highlights at KIMAGE. They always do my hair right!

It has been SO LONG since I had light hair... I don't know why, but seeing my hair light just makes me really happy! I think I'm innately blonde.

Now don't give me that crap about me acting angmoh! Nobody praised me for acting like my race when I dyed my hair black recently either!

I'm not trying to be like a bloody caucasian - it is just that I like looking different from everyone else, and also that I sincerely think blonde is the nicest hair colour. :)

That's it!

Next entry: My best buys ever.


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