What I have been busy with:


That's right, nothing!!

Nothing out of the blue that is - except that a China manicurist pissed me off real bad yesterday!

The story begins with me doing hair extensions again (together with Kaykay), although I swore never to do it again because it made me lose so much hair!

The problem is... although my hair is long, it is just not long ENOUGH, and the price of the extensions was going to a new low of $1 per strand!!

$1 for someone to bind a bunch of real human hair to your damn head and make you gorgeous!

And according to the China lady (they are everywhere in the beauty industry, I tell you) who did the extensions, the real human hair they buy comes from poor ladies (or maybe men, I don't know) in China who sell their hair to pay for school fees and food, etc!!

I asked her if the hair is shaved off a corpse (si ren de tou fa, I said) and she looked at me as if scandalized and said it is impossible.

I asked her how she would know for sure, and she (rather annoyed) replied that she may not know THAT for sure, but she is quite certain that the mainland Chinese won't go shave off their freshly dead relatives' hair for money coz it is disrespectful!


Kaykay and I then continued to laugh and joke about the dead person's ghost confirm very annoyed that she is uglier than the rest of the ghosts coz she got no hair, and I concluded our highly intellectual discussion by saying that ghosts are ugly ANYWAY... not like with hair will look much better.

Imagine hor, if afterlife really exists and you look like how you were just at the end of your life, wouldn't you be super pissed off if you jumped off a building instead of taking sleeping pills to commit suicide?

I must keep that in mind if I ever wanna die.

Digressing even further, Mike says that he thinks that when people die, NOTHING happens.

When I asked him what he means, he asked me back, "Did you ever go under (general anesthesia)?"

I told him no (my nose job's one I was fully awake), and he said it is a really queer feeling, like you just stop being in existance.


Just a little part of your life was lived without you even knowing it.

You wake up later and that period when you were down is just a... blank.

Isn't it scary?

I told him that I am mortified of death because I think that when people die, their souls are trapped inside their immobile and dysfunctional bodies, just exactly like how we are when we sometimes get the "bei gui ya" (a Chinese saying meaning 'trapped under a ghost') feeling.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, sometimes, when you get really tired and you fall asleep, you wake up and you are actually conscious of your surroundings, but you just can't move your body!

Not a muscle. Well, I think its possible to like twitch your fingers but that's about it.

So you just sort of loll around in bed under you finally, with a might jerk, wake yourself up.

It's a terrible, terrible feeling and I HATE IT! I always get it when I take afternoon naps!

And what if after we die THAT happens? Except we can't even jerk ourselves awake ever again!

I wonder when in that state we can actually feel PAIN? You think? What if when we die (ie break our neck) we can completely feel pain but can't move or express it!!

OK I got to stop this topic and go back to hair extensions.

But why so many people claim to have seen ghosts but they never ask the ghosts what happens when people die ah?!

As I was saying, hair extensions are now $1!

Usually I'm very generous when it comes to fashion advice, but this time round I'm sorry that I can't tell you people where I went to do it, because the damn place is already super full usually and so many people are doing extensions now... if everyone also got super long hair then I won't be special anymore!!

I did 40 strands of ashy brown hair (exactly my shade!) and wanted to do 40 strands of blonde...

Then I saw another shade of blonde... instead of yellowish blonde it is ashy platinum blonde!!

I chose that one istead, and the girl told me that's a "highlight colour", which means it is $0.50 per strand!


In the end it only cost me $60 for the whole head!


You can't tell, but the hair like reaches my ass ok! When I sit down, the ends sweep my thighs!! And the quality of the corpse's hair is so much better than my own! Happy happy happy!!

... And the blonde and brown looks like peanut butter chocolate swirls... :)

So anyway, I went to do my nails at Bugis Village with my mom after I got the extensions right, and this was how the conversation went, in Chinese:

Me, to China manicurist: "Wow, you all should do hair extensions too... It's all the rage now."

CM: "Yeah, we are doing it. Didn't you see the signboard outside?"

Me: "Oh really? I just did mine yesterday! How much are you all charging?"

CM: "$5 per strand."

Me: "FIVE DOLLARS?!! I did mine for only $1!! The blonde coloured ones are even cheaper, 50 cents!"

CM: "Ours is 100% human hair."

... I fucking HATE it when people who way overprice their products try to say that their products are better than other people's with their stupid weak accusations that theirs is BETTER.

I MEAN FUCKING CMON. Nobody uses bloody synthetic hair for hair extensions ANYMORE lor! The plastic hairs all tangle up really bad and they just are horrible!

Defensively I told her that my extensions are 100% human hair too.

How do I know? Because plastic hair will melt with hair curlers, and I've curled my hair a bazillion times!

To my horror, the woman stopped filing my toenails and hooked a strand of my blonde hair with her finger to examine it.

"Hmm..." she said, spreading the strand out and studying its minute molecular structure. "Yours is not real... Surely has some fake hairs mixed into it."


I screamed at her, "Please stop doing that!"


Indignantly she took a poor broken piece of blonde hair in front of my face, and holding both ends of the hair, tugged ruthlessly at it to see how elastic it can be before breaking!!

"See... I think it's fake," she announced weakly, because the hair behaved exactly like how normal hair would behave.

She went back to doing my nails while I suppressed the urge to strangle her off her tiny stool.

Quite annoying lor!

Abrupt end of story.

Sorry I've been so absent... I've actually took photos of the Princess Room (finally it's ready) but they are not edited yet.

It's all facebook's fault! I'm officially hooked on it! And Ms ZS! I keep talking to you online for hours!!!

(Please DO NOT add me. I don't add people I don't personally know. That is, if you see me on facebook.)

Today I hu-ed Yao Jiu Da Pai!! Nan feng was my winning card!! Yi Wan, Jiu Tong, Hong Zhong, Nan Feng (my wind) and Bai ban (eye)!!

Yao Jiu Da Pai is add 2 doubles coz it is a special right?

6 doubles plus 1 animal and 1 flower outside - whoopee!!

Ok I just wanted to record that. This is my blog afterall lor.

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