Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Bistro for All Your Special Occasions


Wondering where to go for dinner this Xmas? Everywhere has been tried before perhaps, and you don't want to spend an exorbitant amount?

Then you can try going to Indulgz!!

Their food is yummy, the service is good, and it's conveniently located at Tan Quee Lan St, opposite the DHL balloon at Bugis!

They invited me for the 3rd time (1st)(2nd) to try out their ever-expanding/improvised menu, and this time the lucky people who got to go are Weili, Shuyin, Wanyi and Mike...

Hehe... It has almost become a tradition to take a photo with Indulgz's doors.

A happy little signboard:


The day before we went to Indulgz, Shuyin told me that Weili was excitedly telling her that he was very excited about the exciting, complimentary, and yummy food he was going to eat... Haha!

Ok la to be fair Wanyi not so gluttony.

Xmas tree! The place is already decked out with little cosy decorations. I should have took more pics of the ambiance but guess I was a little too hungry too do much!


With my smelly baby

With smelly lala

Weili and Wanyi dunno pretending to pour what...

First up, the DAILY MENU (Ala Carte Menu)

Super duper yummilicious Lobster Bisque!

I've already reviewed this lovely soup in my previous Indulgz entry, but I still have to say it tastes heavenly!

The soup is thick, very favourful (if there is such a word) and the best part has to be the fresh, abundant amount of crabmeat tossed into the middle!

I mean, how often do you get people pluck crabmeat for you right?!

Well for $7.80, you can get Indulgz to pluck it as often as you desire!

Poor us! One bowl of yummy soup was torture for the FIVE of us to share!

Luckily, the boss Christin was smart even to compensate us by presenting her next dish, before I stalked into the kitchen and demanded 10 more bowls of lobster bisque.

One of my favs of the day, Beef Bolognaise Cheese Fries!

Just the name of it is making me salivate can?! Crispy freshly fried fries drenched in melted cheese and tomato sauce and ground beef... WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LIKE?!

It may not be the healthiest but it is certainly a winning combination of things lor!

Perfect, up to the super tender chunky beef pieces.

Therefore we...

When the fries are all reddish they do look kinda gross but I assure you they are super yummy lor!

Honey Garlic Baked Chicken!

Weili and Shuyin immediately begin a childish fight upon seeing this dish, snatching the whole garlic pieces that were sprinkled on the chicken. Apparently, they both like eating the garlics whole! -_-

Chicken is very tender and infused with the flavour of the honey and the garlic.

This new addition will also be added to the Executive Set Lunch menu (later I'll write more about that) where it would come with a side of pasta and mixed greens too!


Every special holiday is Indulgz's chef's brainstorming period, for they will come up with new themed dishes to ensure things are never dull!

This year, Indulgz's set menu for Xmas is a 5-course glorious affair for $78.80+. Pretty reasonable if you ask me!

The Xmas menu this year is Country-themed, and the set includes Soup (Homemade Seafood Chowder), Sorbet, a main course of your choice, dessert, as well as a mocktail of Icy Pomegranate or Icy Peppermint.

The Sorbet:

Wanyi very happy

YUM! I might be a tad biased coz I love sorbets, and I also love lychees!

But then again everyone agreed that this is very well done - the sorbet was not overtly sweet but came with a strong hint of lychee and also the sweet aftertaste of wine.

I normally don't like alcohols but this is pretty mild so I gulped it all down!

It is made of real lychees, Lychee liquor, Riesling & Gerwustraminer white wine - nothing better to cleanse your palate for the main courses!




Your Choice of Main Course:

Indulgz describes this as "Made with prime cut beef cubes, marinated in paprika, soaked in premium red wine overnight to infuse its natural goodness, simmered over flames until tender & served with the fullest flavors".

Smacking good! The beef is very, very soft (and there's enough fats for it not to be super chewy...), while the sauce is cooked such that you can totally taste the favour of the beef in it.

Goes really well together with Indulgz's famous truffled mashed potatoes I think!!

*Boys' favourite! Mike and Weili both liked it a lot... I guess guys like red meat?

Oh well...

Creative points for sure!

The fresh pink salmon is rolled into a oozing bundle of crunchiness and tenderness combined... The inside contains baby corn, baby spinach & batonades of seasonal vegetables, together with homemade salmon mousse!

I particularly liked this dish, and so did Wanyi and Shuyin!

We don't spare Indulgz food, as you can see.

So cute, it even comes with a Xmas tree on it!

View of some boobs and a pie

I tried to cut a wedge but look at all the juices flowing out rapidly!

The puff pastry smells so nice and it's so crispy! (maybe coz it is baked fresh inside Indulgz's magical kitchen)

Inside contains tender turkey meat (the texture is more like chicken than turkey to me, which is good coz normally turkey is more tough and rough?) and seasonal veggies (includes celery and mushrooms from what I remember).

I was wondering why the sauce tastes so unique when Christin told us it's whisky sauce. I completely approve of using alcohol to cook!! NEVER goes wrong!

Grabbed the tiny Xmas tree


Christin came out and asked, "Who ate the Xmas tree?"

And before anyone could answer she said, "You right?" to me!!


And then everyone chose the next moment to chorus "SHE LAR!" (exception of Mike got no "lar")


I kiss it already can't be I put it back on the plate what!!!

Empty plates to prove yumminess

In between our courses we snap snap snap! Ok la, only I did.

Time for XMAS-Y dessert!

Greek Yogurt!! Interesting.

Indulgz describes it as "Traditional Greek yogurt, thick & creamy, yet excellent for digestion, made with our own recipe, served with a dollop of mixed berries compote, made from real mixed berries."

Wanyi and I don't like yogurt that much, but Shuyin, Weili and Mike COMPLETELY ADORED IT!!

In fact, Weili and Mike both ate two portions each, and they kept raving about how yummy it was.

Greek yogurt is sweeter and also thicker than normal yogurt, and it's chilled to perfection at Indulgz, of course.

Told Christin to take photo for us while we pose with yogurt, haha...

Plus I got obscene bottle between my legs... -_-



A bit kiasu leh Christin, very long then V day lor! Nonetheless, Indulgz already created a festive love dish!

Even comes with fried rice served in a nice heart shape!!

This platter, meant for lovers to share, comes with pork ribs, Chicken Roulade, and of course, one of my favourite Indulgz dishes: BUTTERFISH, char-grilled and put into a kebab!


The rest of the V Day menu will be confirmed on Indulgz's website first week of Jan 2008, and you better pre-book if you want a seat there - there are only 4 specially decorated booth seats!

(Just make sure you confirm got date already then book hor if not go alone very sad one lor...)


Starting from 3rd Jan 2008, Indulgz will be introducing their executive set lunch menu!

It comes with a starter, your choice of a main course, dessert of the day, as well as a drink!

We reviewed the Char-grilled Beef Steak w Pasta and Mixed Greens:

Haha I can assure you Weili's not giving the thumb's down sign, for the steak is really yummy and tender!


Mike's so sneaky,
while the photo was taken he must have been grabbing the last piece of steak!

This must be Mike's vision:



I shouted at him till he gave it up to me, thus his funny face. Teeheehee!

The pasta is very yummy too, it's Aglio Olio and the favour is just nice,
not so strong such that it competes with the beef as a main,
but just enough to complement it very well.

Shuyin tying the behind of her self-made dress

And then proclaiming love to a bottle?! They a bit ding dong one lor!!

(Haha actually it was me who asked them to pose like that...)

The steak set lunch costs $22.80, and you can also choose:

Honey garlic Chicken with sides pasta & mixed greens - $20.50+

Beer Battered Fish Fillet with sides of fries & mixed greens - $20.50+

Pork with Apple & Cinnamon Sauce with side of pasta & mixed greens - $21.90+

End of our happy Eating Day!!!

We polish all those off with my very favourite drink...

Butterscotch and Caramel Thick Shake!


I lovvvvvvvvve this drink!!

This blog entry shall end with Weili acting cute:



Promotion for Secondary and Tertiary students!!

Once you produce your student identity card, you will be entitled to special set menus! The menus will be launched on 3rd Jan 2008, and your set menu will come with a soup, main course, dessert, and a FREEEEEEEEE mocktail!!

There will also be a 10% discount for spending $50 and above!! T & C applies.

So what are you waiting for?!

Call Indulgz at 6238 7032,
or email at for reservations now now now!

If you want to see more of their food selections or check our their economic prices, hop over to Indulgz' website!!!

I'm really hungry after writing this... :(

p/s: Comments disallowed and moderated, so if you write anything it will be deleted!