Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Flying in 2 hours

Gonna be gone from Singapore in 2 hours' time!

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently... I've got nothing interesting to blog about and quite frankly I've been super busy lately, especially this week, preparing for the trip.

So, I'm gonna be in Dallas soon! Quite exciting, even though the damn flight is like fucking 30 hours or something, if you include transit times. Bah!

We bought sibeh a lot of food though, and I have my PSP, laptop, DS lite, and reactivated Tamagotchi to accompany me!!

I am sooooo tired...

Just to inform you guys, although I am bringing my lappie with me, I estimate that the next time I blog will be like in 1 week's time. Or more. Not gonna make any promises.

I'll try to revive my dying blogging career when I come back. Maybe I'd go be a scriptwriter instead, hmmm...

xoxo y'all!!!!!!

Merry Xmas!!!