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Tio virus

After a heated argument on MSN with Shengrong about Mac lovers evangelising ( SR: "I just want to share something good with you!" ), I PROMPTLY GOT A VIRUS! STUPID DUMB PCs. I wish virus creators would go create viruses for Macs instead so they would shut up! I know the former 2 sentences are not connected, but yeah. So this time, my newly-bought comp, which I had JUST finished installing all the appropriate programs on, decided that, after a viral infection, it has no programs and no files on it! The start menu shows that I have zero installed programs, although I can still run them from the "run" option thingy. SO I HAD TO REFORMAT! And I lost my downloaded photoshop brushes and cursors! -GROWLS- Anyway, boring stuff aside. I AM SO BORED! All that happened today that was exciting with the mass circulation of the Edison Chen and Gillian Chung (and Bobo Chan, whoever she is) sex photos. JUICY CAN?! For those of you who haven't heard yet, apparently G

Long post about nothing

I have like 160 photos to post and I need to get to Munkysuperstar by 3pm tomorrow! And it's 4am now! So chop chop!! You know how at the start of Ugly Betty they will flash all these stripey faces? (Btw Ugly Betty is like my new favourite TV show coz every episode is just so cheerful and funny) I had enough of those mysterious faces! WHO ARE ALL THESE UGLY PEOPLE?! How they look like if they had no swapped features?! Would they look good? Here's what they let us see: Normal face Urgh! So ugly! Unfortunate chick with Betty's famous ugly mouth - insured for US $1 million. (No, I'm serious. Also, for those of you who didn't already know, Heath Ledger died like yesterday.) And of course... Betty herself With a camera and some photoshopping, I PRESENT......... . . . . . . . . . . . Amanda? Is that you?! ??? I know they don't look completely right, but these are the best fit I could find! I KNOW! How can someone be half blonde and half brunette r