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Miscellaneous stuff

I am back from Langkawi, people. Omg so irritating!!! MSN is being fucked up right now, so I cannot sign into BOTH MSN Live Messenger AND the old lao pok Windows Messenger!! And I NEED TO COMPLAIN !! Recently it seems that a lot of people are starting to play on, a site that allows people to play online Mahjong (among other things) with the other frustrated people who also cannot find MJ kakis in real life (or are unwilling to travel out of house to play MJ, etc). The problem with MJ is, besides the fact that people slowly start to play bigger and bigger until it starts to become a liability, is that MJ, being a game where money is involved afterall, BRINGS OUT THE WORST IN PEOPLE . If somebody just threw a Zhong and you throw a Zhong next round only to pay for a 5 tai limit, there is nothing funny about it. Or, if you want to win a 5 tai limit only to have the guy in front of you win your winning card first, that is enough to send the best-tempered of us up in fury.

Win $10,000 cash and a chance to be on the cover of FHM!

Advertorial Ladies, Munkysuperstar Pictures is casting for a brand new Channel 5 TV show looking for the ultimate superbabe and FHM cover girl! If you think you have what it takes, please email with your name, age, contact number, occupation, and a recent photo of yourself. Auditions for the show are ongoing till March 2nd, 2008. REQUIREMENTS Between 18 - 30 years old Attractive Outspoken Most importantly: look great in a bikini! Please spread the word and forward this to everyone you know; you might actually see one of them on TV in the future!

Jetting Off

How lucky am I? I'm jetting off today via Silkair to Langkawi for a short trip! It's 1056am now as I am typing this, and I haven't slept yet coz I played overnight MJ, haha... I woke up at 5pm. Yesterday I woke up at 9pm and went to White Sands to collect a parcel at 11am (haven't sleep yet obviously). I brought a burger into the cab on the way home, and the cab driver was like, "WAH... Your breakfast ah?!" Tired beyond words, I just said yeah to un-complicate things, since the burger was actually more like my... supper? And the Cab Uncle commented, "Wah! So late then eat breakfast? Almost lunch already!" -_- Is it so unfathomable that some people sleep (extremely) late? SO ANYWAY!!! I'm going off on a SPONSORED TRIP for an advertorial!!! All thanks to the lovely, lovely, NUFFNANG !! (Which I support 100% btw - do check out their site for their BDAE freebies!!) Qihua is going with me (since Mike can't get off), and there is nothi
Good morning everyone!!! Apparently, everytime I blog something vaguely about sex I get onto the Chinese tabloid headlines, which is really quite irritating. (The previous entry got onto Shin Min. WTF?!) Anyway I am so kpo about the Edison Chen scandal!! I saw this photo of Cecilia Cheung, and I just burst out laughing... (NSFW.. not for kids either. Shoo!) CLICK HAO XIAO BU HAO XIAO?!?!?!?!?!! I know it's very mean to laugh at a badly taken photo of her at this point la, but really lor, she so chio also can have a horrible photo!! Her expression is just really funny! And her body look like starved African child leh, so skinny... She looks like she was just saying to Edison: "Oei stop taking the photos for a while, I'm not prepared!" then he still continue snapping. LOL!!! Anyway, I think by now most of you have already seen the photos, so if you wanna read my main blog entry for today (which is about the photo scandal), click HERE . NSFW and