Jetting Off

How lucky am I?

I'm jetting off today via Silkair to Langkawi for a short trip!

It's 1056am now as I am typing this, and I haven't slept yet coz I played overnight MJ, haha... I woke up at 5pm.

Yesterday I woke up at 9pm and went to White Sands to collect a parcel at 11am (haven't sleep yet obviously).

I brought a burger into the cab on the way home, and the cab driver was like, "WAH... Your breakfast ah?!"

Tired beyond words, I just said yeah to un-complicate things, since the burger was actually more like my... supper?

And the Cab Uncle commented, "Wah! So late then eat breakfast? Almost lunch already!"


Is it so unfathomable that some people sleep (extremely) late?


I'm going off on a SPONSORED TRIP for an advertorial!!! All thanks to the lovely, lovely, NUFFNANG!! (Which I support 100% btw - do check out their site for their BDAE freebies!!)

Qihua is going with me (since Mike can't get off), and there is nothing better than a trip that is not only free but actually pays you money!! Awesome.

I'm gonna go sleep now, so I'll update whenever I can. I'm bringing my lappie with me!

Luv luv!!

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