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Awana Resort, Langkawi

ADVERTORIAL Super happy!! As you all already know, I got invited for a 5 day 3 night stay at Awana Resort in Langkawi !! I bought Qihua along with me! PICS PICS!! Our flight there. Super excited lor!! We called the synchronise our clothes and stuff (you bring shampoo I bring facial wash etc). Flying Silk Air!! Yums. We bought slept at 12 noon that day (MJ till late) and woke up at 3 to pack. Haha! So pretty! The seats are sea blue/green . And we fly!! 1.5 hours later we land... IN LANGKAWI!!! Wan from Awana was there to pick us up. Qihua told me to take a mugshot from the nameplate. How? Grumpy enough not?? KK standing in front of our beautiful hotel's lobby desk. And we explore our room! Two queen beds... Can each bring one boy home and do naughty stuff. Curl up on the sofa and eat fruits. So nice got super sweet mango and the baby mandarin oranges are so round and cute and yummy!! Camwhoring in the toilet. It was 9pm, and we were