The Princess Room

I'm having a humongous headache!!!

Grrrrrrrrr!! But I guess I've promised to blog but didn't, so here is the Princess Room entry... Sorry lah! I went to KL for the weekend for Nuffnang's bdae party!!

Perhaps some of you already saw my fat photos on other people's blogs. Why can't they all photoshop me?!?! Sigh...


Anyway, photos! I keep procrastinating blogging this because I keep buying more and more chio stuff for the room, and everytime I take photos, the room looks different. But I guess I have to blog about it at some point, right?

This is my half of the master bedroom, otherwise known as what I call "the Princess Room".

It's a tad small, but hopefully Mike becomes a millionaire soon enough and I can have a hugeass room including walk-in closet for clothes and another walk-in for shoes! :D

But I still love love love my Princess Room :)... Fit for a small Princess right now.

Let's start the tour with the make-up area...

My extra large mirror!!!

I wanted to buy the big $199 mirror from Ikea, but then I went into As-is, their discounted area and saw this!!

Turns out, this mirror is not a mirror per se, but a rolling door for a wardrobe!! It is 150 percent of the $199 mirror's size, and at 99 bucks, it is 50 percent the price of it!

Awesome buy.

Various nonsense attached to the mirror.

Drilled into the wall at the side of the mirror: My make up shelves!!

I painstakingly painted these little drawers and spent hours sitting in front of the computer at copying the fonts onto the drawers.

They are not perfect, but try drawing on wooden drawers!! Not that easy you know!!!

(Yes I took these pictures at 3am. Isn't that little clock an awesome idea? Now I can know what time it is whenever I am rushing my make up before I leave the house.)

I stuck black diamantes onto my Dior blusher brush! The bloody brush cost $60 lor. A bit regret buying it... Like too big for my cheeks...

(BTW I've been using the SKII miracle water and it does shit for me leh!?!?! WHY AH? What results am I supposed to be seeing?! Heng it's only a free sample and I never buy lor...)

Foundations and blushers.

I am a big fan of ZA two-way cakes!! Used them since sec 1 and they are so cheap and good. =)


Liquid eyeliners and eye glitters

Brow pencils and a blonde brow mascara

This shelf houses bronzers, eyelash glues, and mascaras (in pink, purple, blue, brown, and silver glitter).

The two red ones are in tape and bandages because I bought them at a spree and they got busted open during the shipping!! So sad hor!! It's those magic fibre ones some more.

Eyelash bar


As you can see, I am a fan of MAC's eyeshadows, Anna Sui's, as well as Red Earth's (not so good but cheaper).

O.M.G I just realised I arranged my pots according to colour!! I am so bloody OCD.

Lipsticks on the left, lip gloss on the right.

I <3 MAC lipsticks, especially their matte pale shades!! Even stuck diamantes on them to differentiate the colours!! Hehe

Toilet light switch

Computer area...


Had a damn hard time finding both of them in white.

I still feel happy when I see that my CPU casing is in patent baby pink!

Built in shelves beside the comp table.

Top left shelf is my Harry Potter shelf, dedicated to my love for Harry Potter and J K Rowling. In the future, I plan to paper the shelf Scarlet and Gold (for GRYFFINDOR!!), and write with glittering gold paint my favourite quote from the book!! Can't decide on the quote yet though.

I'm reading book 4 now and that's why it's missing!

On the top right shelf are other books... I just put the chioer books there coz I got nothing to put into that shelf, and my uglier books are in a cupboard outside the Princess Room.

Mini nail parlour... Now got 11 OPI polishes coz I bought another 5!

And yes, even the cotton pads are pink, courtesy of Daiso.

My documents and notebooks

Stationeries (and watches).
I zhng-ed my DBS I-banking thingy with diamantes too! :D

Small pouches at the back, daily necessities at the front.

Whenever I come back home, I empty my bag and put my DS Lite, PSP (if I brought it out at all), tissue, camera, wallet, keys, mp3 player etc all here so I know where to get them the next time I go out.

My phone is hiding inside the puffy bunny head.

Underneath the 6 open shelves:

Top: Travel-sized stuff like shampoos and lotions... Stationeries such as tapes and glues... etc!

Bottom: Electronics and all chargers inside hot pink box. Other decorative stuff (such as my juicy papers and paper bags) on the left.

Moving on to the side of the room...

Princess tissue box cover

Bought this white 3 tiered shelf add-on (Ikea at 99 bucks) and put it on top of my favourite pink cabinet.

First shelf: Lotions, creams, perfumes etc

Second shelf: Mini hair salon!!

All my hair curlers, my hair dryer, and my epilator are plugged in and ready for usage... Just need to be turned on!

I love not having to fiddle with the plugs and shit every time I want to use them. So annoying.

Third shelf: Stereo and little drawers for my excess accessories.

Inside the drawers:


Chunky necklaces

Smaller necklaces

And then on to my favourite part of the room: My big accessories cabinet!!

First drawer:

One whole bigass drawer dedicated to putting bangles and bracelets only

The drawers are all lined with authentic Juicy couture paper!

I love this drawer so much coz it's so sparkling and pretty, and these things are from a lifetime of shopping and sieving out things that I like!!

Second drawer:

Full of hair stuff and all mapped out for you. I know, a bit OCD and crazy, but hey, I like to be able to find stuff and know EXACTLY where they are, especially when I am late!!

Third drawer:

Assorted stuff... In the red box, my memorabilia of neoprints, letters written for me, birthday cards, Air tickets for flying to USA to look for Mike, etc.

In the middle miscellaneous decorative shit like ribbons and sewing kits, etc.

At the right... my diamantes kit!! Has all my crystals as well as glue, satay sticks and tweezers, among other things.

Moving on...

My other clothes cupboard because 1 wardrobe is most certainly not enough!!

This cupboard is from Ikea and the doors are transparent! There is a hard but thin piece of board inside that you can wrap with your fabric of choice, so that you can have whatever design you want on your cupboard doors!!


So yeah, my fabric is from Spotlight. Pink with brown polka dots!! Juicy couture colours!

Inside the cupboard. It's overflowing. I need new cupboard!

Opening my built-in wardrobe:

My jackets are hung up and arranged according to colour. As you can see, I have a disproportional amount of pink ones.

My undies divided into...

- G-strings and thongs
- going out panties;
- at home granny panties.

3 pink boxes for:

- Costumes and nighties
- Comfy but ugly bras with no underwire
- Bras with underwire

On the left: Jeans (rarely touched)

On the right: Dresses I rarely wear (back); scarves and belts (front)

Part 2 of wardrobe

My beloved shorts

Underneath them...

Wear-at-home bottoms and tops

First drawer:

AHAHAHA!! Pads and pantyliners and tampons and nipple stickers!! Now all of you gonna lose in Mahjong!!

Second drawer:


And finally, loungewear including track pants, capri pants and rompers.

Pink fan and weighing scale!

My bags wardrobe, roughly sorted according to size.

My shoes are outside the house!

Look at this cabinet!! Someone left it downstairs and I picked it up coz it's perfect for my shoes!! I don't care if the mirror is cracked... Still works. :)

Awesome find man!!


My squashed up boots

Heels and pumps


My casual wedges and slippers and HAHAAHAHA!!! Mike's pathetic 4 pairs of footwear!!!

Hao xiao!!

How can guys survive with only 4 pairs of shoes?!!?! It's inconceivable to me!!

Thus ends this entry!!

I counted and I've got...

Sleeveless tops: 88

Sleeved tops: 61

Shirts suitable for office wear: 0

Skirts shorter than mid-thigh: 28

Skirts longer than mid-thigh: 2

Jeans: 16

Shorts: 35

Work pants: 0

Jackets: 39

Dresses: 63

Dresses longer than mid-thigh: 0

Boots: 14 pairs

Bracelets and bangles (individual pieces): 305?!?!?!?!?! HOW COME SO MUCH?!?!

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