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I'm officially 24 today yet I shall still insist on writing birthday as bdae!!! I remember starting to blog sometime around my 19th birthday, so I've been fucking blogging for 5 years man!! I'm a lao blogger! Kelvin and Qingqing chose to fly over to Europe yesterday, but not before treating me (and the lucky sods who happen to be around) to dinner first!! Then Benny treated for drinks afterwards (and the same lucky sods who happen to be around). Eekean came over all the way to Loyang, on the pretense of wishing me a happy birthday, but in fact stole a whole lot of my dvds and gave me a packet of dubious Indian snacks in exchange. It tastes like Little India on a Sunday. Actually she wanted to treat me to a Japanese buffet for lunch but I couldn't wake up in time!! Serious progress with Ek's mom though!! I always thought she didn't really like me coz I was a chao ah lian in school last time (during sec school days la, when Ek was my impressionable classm

I wanna be Kawaii!!!

Advertorial Women supposedly start to age at 25 (and some more kiasu people say, 24). It's disgusting! Suddenly, all around me, people my age are beginning to use words like " skincare " and " anti-aging ", not to mention start discussing brands as well as ways and means to keep on looking 24 for as long as possible!! Before this year, all I ever did for my skin was to wash it with Biore Men's facial cleanser (something I've been using since my teens, which I started because a number of ex-boyfriends used it and I liked the smell) and maybe occasionally slap some Cellnique on. However, as wrinkles start to appear and pimple scars don't go away that fast anymore, I realised that's not really enough. Isn't it scary? Besides, all my girlfriends are starting to do all sort of assorted things to their skin before they sleep: Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, serum, moisturize... wake up moisturise as well as put sunscreen... Go for facials... Squee

Obligatory blog entry

Sorry for the disappearance! Not been very inspired to blog lately, and I feel exhausted coz I just finished another long advertorial... I hope the company will approve it soon so you guys can see it! Anyway, new episodes on Clicknetwork are up!! ********************** XIAXUE'S GUIDE TO LIFE The iPhone follow-up Something to piss Mac fans off more. I do not endorse the message at the end! It was added in against my will. Hmpf! The Sex Shop Ever wondered how it's like inside a sex shop? Maybe you can take a practice visit with me first before going inside... CHICK VS DICK The Baby-sitting Challenge Who will fare better when left alone with a baby? Find out and vote! The Psychic Challenge Paul and Kaykay guess embarrassing facts about strangers. See who gets more right! ******************** Did some of you see me on Channel U's news? (interviewed in my "Princess Room") Anyway, if you wanna watch the little snippet, the artic

Bintan Resorts SUCK - Worst holiday ever

As you people know I've been complaining about my shitty Bintan trip. Honestly man! That place is a nightmare! So yes, to prevent other people from having similar shitty experiences, I'm going to blog about it, despite the risk of being sued!! I'm sure there is some clause to protect me though coz I am speaking the truth!! Here's the typical person's impression of it: - Relaxing, tropical beach resort away from Singapore - Cheap and good massages available ala Thailand - Beautiful sea - Everything charged in Rupiah, which after money-changing will be like nothing at all! Hahaha! Actually what it is: - Beach resort chockful of Singaporeans and stupid Angmohs, so it's almost like being in Sentosa. - Massages cost more than it does in Singapore, and about 10 times Thailand's price. - Sea only mediocre - put it on par, if not worse, than Sentosa's. If Langkawi's beach that I went to is a 8/10, Bintan's is a 3/10. - Everything charged

Apple users hate me

Is it a bad week for me or what? After my shitty Bintan trip (which I have yet to blog about), I have the weirdest virus ever... It took me about 1.5 weeks of wispy coughing to get to a full-blown cough and then now I'm down with a flu, sore throat, as well as fever... as icing on my lovely cake! I thought most flus are over within 3 days? That's normal for me, anyway... (I also realised that the big Os are only half as intense when you are sick. Double whammy!) Anyway, I'm too damn drowsy to blog a good one, so I'd leave you guys with some photos from KK's bdae party (yes KK, Kaykay, and Qihua are the same people, I just like to call her different names depending on my mood - which is "lazy" right now, so that's KK for you) . And also, some of you might have noticed that Gizmodo and Fake Steve , both very popular internet sites, picked up on my iPhone review, completely misconstruing what I said and taking my spoof phone review, very, very serio