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I do look like a tranny

Been very busy lately! It's 6.30am now and I don't even feel vaguely like sleeping, so I thought I'd blog some random thoughts and recent happenings!! 1) I had a horrible shock when I had my first MacDonalds Grilled Chicken Foldover yesterday. The first 2 bites were terrific, and then... BAM! Like a slap to the face, I bit into a giant, raw onion!!!!!!!! I never knew the bloody foldover has onions inside!! So here's a warning to everyone who, like me, hates onions, and have a sudden urge to eat a Grilled chicken foldover. Order it without onions!! To my surprise, when I started telling everyone that the stupid foldover had onions (and honestly, I couldn't get rid of the taste on my tongue till the next morning. SOMPAH! Never exaggerate one!!), NOBODY BELIEVED ME . Everyone just skeptically and patronisingly told me, "Got meh?" When I reply "GOT!!!!!!" in a perhaps overly loud manner, they mostly just recoil and say they never noticed th

Lazy? I don't think so.

I'm in quite an awful mood now. Can't quite say the reason, but well, feeling a little bored at home so I thought I'd blog and complain. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH EARLY RISERS?! Seriously man. Since I was a kid, I've always been shaken awake even during weekends by my daddy, as he thinks that anytime after 11am is unacceptable to be still sleeping. Now, as I grow older, of course my daddy doesn't shake me awake anymore, but instead I get phone calls or Mike, etc, all trying to wake me up early. Often, I get stuff like this: Caller : "Hello?" Me, groggy : "Yeahhhhhhhhhh?" Caller : "OMG! You ARE STILL SLEEPING? It's already 3pm for god's sake. You are so lazy/such a pig etc etc." Me, curious but want to get back to sleep : "What do you want?" Caller : "Never mind, nothing." Me : "WHAT IS IT???!" Caller : "Never mind la! I call you back later." I CANNOT EVEN START TO DES

New website design

I am, and I am sure you are too, THOROUGHLY SICK OF MY WEBSITE'S LOOK! It was all perfect and gorgeous a few years ago, but now I'm really quite bored by it! I no longer look like the banner. That pair of boots has long been thrown away and replaced by other camel suede boots. That This Fashion corset has yellowed and might still be around somewhere. Gotta remember to throw it away. Skirt still around though! Anyway, the flash designer, Alan , has promised me to make me a new banner, but so far he has been busy and this has also gone nowhere!! So. To summarize, I am welcoming: 1) A website designer (or and team) to help me come up with a new creative concept (i.e. classic/girly/edgy etc... I have an idea but it's very vague so I need help) for my blog's new outlook, and then of course help me design it. 2) A photographer to take photos to this concept. Or the photographer can help me come up with the concept instead of the website designer. Either way! Alan s

A day in the life of a famous blogger

My life is so interesting!! Today.... 11am: Maid came. Told her to clean the living room first coz I still want to sleep. 12pm: Vacuuming eventually woke me up. Announced to the living room at large that I am awake! Maid laughed at me and asked if I had a late night. I tried to tell her not particularly, but tongue stud hurt so I just mumbled a patronising reply. 1pm: Bravely, valiantly, I tried to eat some Maggie Mee. I survived it and didn't die. 2pm: Paid maid. She's like fucking awesome, she even cleaned the inside of the laundry basket!! Decided to go tanning because of rare glorious cloudless sunny weather, and actually chose a bikini to put on. Noticed I have FIVE bikinis that are still brand-new. Surely I'm overcompensating for the spoilt Bintan one? Wore bikini; noticed ingrown pube. Decided to ignore it for now. Rolled around the bed and realised the comforter is very, very comfy!! Maybe should sleep? 2.30pm: Still procrastinating about the tanning.

Goddamn stupid reporters - and a persistent pain

(Meant to post this a gazillion years ago but didn't finish writing it...) Thanks to blog readers for informing me about yesterday's a long time ago's tiny news coverage about me!! Basically, the Fash Hag, an anonymous, often sarcastic writer (is she? I'm guessing from the two or so times she wrote about me... maybe she ain't sarcastic to everyone) thinks I should "live and let live" regarding the Bintan blog entry, and not have so cruelly (to some undeserving conglomerate?) wrote about about the resort. To the Fash Hag, I think you have completely missed the point of my blog entry. It is not to spitefully cause less sales for Angsana Resort, but to warn innocent travellers not to go to that particular place! That, my dear, is an honourable and kindly reason, so instead of being reprimanded for it, I ought to be given a Good Citizen Award!! If, my dear Fash Hag, you don't believe the things I wrote, there is only 1 simple solution. Why don'

Sympathy and Empathy (for undeserving scumbags) are over-rated

Oh god!! Junne just told me about the Josef Fritzl case !! It's so super grotesque I keep having vomiting sensations while reading it!!!! For those of you who don't know yet, this Austrian man, Fritzl, 73, built a dungeon and trapped his daughter Elisabeth inside it for 24 years!! Why did he do that? TO RAPE HER OF COURSE!! The poor chick (quite chio somemore), imprisoned since 1984, was lured into a dingy dungeon (with no windows or natural light at all) by her father when she was 18, and repeatedly raped! No wait, you think that's horrible? There's worse: SHE WAS IMPREGNANTED 6 TIMES AND GAVE BIRTH TO 7 IMBRED CHILDREN. One of the babies, a twin, died shortly after birth. 3 of these children were deemed to be too "noisy" to be kept in the dungeon by Fritzl and was brought to his home, where he lied to his wife that Elisabeth had abandoned them at his doorstep. He had told his wife that Elisabeth, at the age of 18, had ran away from home to join a

Getting back into the groove

Whoopie! Aren't you all just happy that I'm blogging more often again? Coz almost every night, while I am using the PC, my thought process goes like this: "Should I blog or should I... 1) Go internet shopping? Maybe something new on spree sites and F21? 2) Jio people for MJ? 3) Watch DVDS?" Invariably, most of these things come before blogging, because those are 100% stress-free! (Except for MJ la but I love MJ so it's ok) But tonight, I've finished seeing all the shopping sites (nothing new, and on weekends F21 takes a rest on updating), nobody is free for MJ, and I don't feel like DVDs coz there is a resident humongous lizard outside, so here I am, blogging!! Today Mike brought me, for the second time in 2 days, to Arab street where I spent *GASP* almost $150 on crystals!!!!!!!!!!!!! But boh pian, my Nintendo DS Lite is a tad spoilt (bought a new one) and my new camera is pink, but barren of any Wendy characteristics, so I had to zhng them!!

An obsession

Lizards are fast becoming an obsession in my life!! I share a love-hate relationship with them. I hate them, and I love to kill them. In fact, since yesterday I've tried to kill 3 lizards and successfully killed 2 of those 3!!! Mike killed another one with a F21 cargo box. Bloody batch of lizards all have dark black spots on them. I KILLED YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY!! Roooarrr! The escaped one was a baby which escaped my rapidly crushing tissue box... but soon... soon the little fucker will die in my hands. The other two dead lizards are dead from a lizard trap that I bought!! Here's my msn Convo with Eekean: Pink is me red is her obviously I've always had my doubts about lizard traps... Mike insisted on not buying them before, and his reason was that the bait, which supposedly gives out a scent lizards cannot resist, will actually ENTICE the lizards to come to our place. But time has proven that enticing or not, the lizards come anyway! Their favourite place a