Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A day in the life of a famous blogger

My life is so interesting!!


11am: Maid came. Told her to clean the living room first coz I still want to sleep.

12pm: Vacuuming eventually woke me up. Announced to the living room at large that I am awake! Maid laughed at me and asked if I had a late night. I tried to tell her not particularly, but tongue stud hurt so I just mumbled a patronising reply.

1pm: Bravely, valiantly, I tried to eat some Maggie Mee. I survived it and didn't die.

2pm: Paid maid. She's like fucking awesome, she even cleaned the inside of the laundry basket!!

Decided to go tanning because of rare glorious cloudless sunny weather, and actually chose a bikini to put on. Noticed I have FIVE bikinis that are still brand-new. Surely I'm overcompensating for the spoilt Bintan one?

Wore bikini; noticed ingrown pube. Decided to ignore it for now. Rolled around the bed and realised the comforter is very, very comfy!! Maybe should sleep?

2.30pm: Still procrastinating about the tanning. Talked to Junne online instead.

3pm: Decided I would go tan, but sun is gone! Invasion of the clouds! Good, I thought. One less decision to make for me.

4pm: Pottering around the house and watched an ep of Dou Niu Yao Bu Yao. Called Mike and whined about him leaving me at home, and accused him of not loving me anymore.

4.05pm: Wash clothes.

5.15pm: Mike comes home.

6pm: I take off all hair extensions by myself. Goodbye platinum blonde hair with pink sparkles!!!

6.30pm: Yelled at Mike and demanded for him to bring me to somewhere where I can eat jumbo scallops.

Finding no solution for this that's 1) near to the east and 2) not that expensive, we settled for going to the new Downtown East shopping mall that's very near our place.

7pm: Had small argument about driving there. Mike's all for taking the bus (since it's so near, and parking fees there is outrageous), but we don't know which one to take, and I don't feel like murking around it.

Also, it's technically a date and people don't go to dates on buses!! Mike replied, "No, I bet lots of Singaporeans do." and I mumbled, "Yeah... secondary school students!" quite sarcastically and inaudibly due to swollen tongue.

7.30pm: Had yummy ribeye steak and caesar salad at New York New York. Total bill was $74!!!

Startling sudden revelation that the East is indeed nicer than the West in Singapore, because.... THERE ARE NO BANGALAS HERE!

Compare: Jurong Point is full of bangalas (very lecherous)/Malaysian factory boys (very lecherous)/China men (very lecherous). White Sands? None. Only happy chalet goers and little yuppie families.

I can't even remember the last time I saw a bangala even near Loyang!! In contrast Teban is filled to the brim with them. Eww!

I am an Eastie-convert. SELL-OUT!!

Saw a couple both wearing mud-coloured Crocs. I announced, "Only people in very stable relationships wear crocs."

Mike looks at me, impressed, and said something about how that's very true and someone should write a thesis on it.

8pm: Couldn't finish either the salad or the steak. Took both home.

8.15pm: Went to NTUC and bought foil, ziploc bags, more lizard traps, and some cherry tomatoes which I thought, when chilled, would be good for my long-suffering tongue.

Wanted to buy cling-wrap too. There is none left.

Mike insisted that there were some at home still. He is so sure, he wanted to bet $10 on this. I called him a chicken, and told him to up it to $50!

He said, "Nope... Don't feel right taking $50 from you." CHICKEN!

We go home, and I put groceries away.

THERE IS CLINGWRAP! How? I thought we finished it?

Hastily, I hide the excess clingwrap away and told Mike to come into the kitchen.

"GIMME MY MONEY!" I say. He checked the cupboard and saw no clingwrap, but insisted he never agreed to the bet since I said "Fifty or nothing!!!", and he didn't want to bet fifty so it was 'nothing' then.

Disgusting word-twisting liar!! Hahaha!! YOU OWE ME FIFTY BUCKS!

9pm - 11.43pm: I don't know what I did, but I managed to spend 3 hours online.

In between I constantly pestered Mike to "GIMME MY MONEY!" in a loud ringing voice, which he chose to ignore.

He also poured me a glass of iced water ("6 cubes of ice please!") and I swear I had a tonguegasm.

11.43pm: Writing this blog entry. Gonna put wet clothes into dryer, then play Mario Vs Sonic for a bit on my DS (so ridiculously hard, this stupid game!) and then sleep.

Isn't my life soooooooooooo interesting?

Gotta be, gotta be.