Monday, May 5, 2008

Getting back into the groove


Aren't you all just happy that I'm blogging more often again?

Coz almost every night, while I am using the PC, my thought process goes like this:

"Should I blog or should I...

1) Go internet shopping? Maybe something new on spree sites and F21?

2) Jio people for MJ?

3) Watch DVDS?"

Invariably, most of these things come before blogging, because those are 100% stress-free! (Except for MJ la but I love MJ so it's ok)

But tonight, I've finished seeing all the shopping sites (nothing new, and on weekends F21 takes a rest on updating), nobody is free for MJ, and I don't feel like DVDs coz there is a resident humongous lizard outside, so here I am, blogging!!

Today Mike brought me, for the second time in 2 days, to Arab street where I spent *GASP* almost $150 on crystals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But boh pian, my Nintendo DS Lite is a tad spoilt (bought a new one) and my new camera is pink, but barren of any Wendy characteristics, so I had to zhng them!!



This is how it used to look like. Already pretty, but I cannot stand the thought of anyone else using the same camera so must zhng!!

Half-way done! The pattern is pink hearts on a light grey background. I haven't put the crystals onto the lens rim yet.

With flash

Rims completed.
Outer rim is pink with a tinge of purple, and inner rim is Jet Black!!

I apologize for the shitty pictures, but there is no other way to take a photo of my camera except to use the stupid mirror!

I magnificently fail to capture the final product in it's full glory... It's crazy chio!

I seriously almost died when I came to the lens/flash area though. Can you imagine trying to calculate if the next diamante should be grey or pink, when so many parts are missing?

Nonetheless, I only made one mistake (cannot be seen one, it's at the top), and I am superbly proud of myself!!

When the camera is turned on, the lens would then pop up, and the outer rim will even rotate!! It looks damn nice la!!

(BTW... For those anal people... Just to the right of the flash bulb there is the viewing glass, and to the right of that, it seems like I put a black crystal there that is too big right? Just to clarify, I am not a noob and won't make such a mistake!! That black "crystal" is actually the red-eye beam thingy. And to the right of that, the pinhole is the microphone.)


Matchy matchy strap too!

Couldn't let the stylus go without putting some diamantes on it too. KK's idea.

My nintendo DS Lite in Juicy-inspired stripey pale pink and green!!

It looks like dark green in the picture, but it's actually lighter in real life.

For some reason I don't really like it very much though. I guess it's coz the original DS colour is already patent baby pink, and I do like that a lot!!

I tried to find this baby pink opaque crystal called Rose alabaster, but to no avail, so I settled for light pink crystals on the DS, which is called Light Rose.

That, and I did my DS before I did my camera, and only after half of the DS was done did I have a sudden blast of inspiration to put hearts!!

Won't it be nice if the DS and the camera were matchy matchy???!!

If you like my DS very much maybe you can convince me to sell it to you at a high price!! Hahaha!! I bought the 2-day old DS for $225 and and spent almost $100 on the diamonds here, so I'd say... $500 and above? I have crazily superb workmanship (and that's at least 4 hours of painstaking sticking!!)

Altogether I spent at least 7 freaking hours doing this!!**

Anyway, updates on my Juicy Sidekick...


The seller suddenly emailed me to say that she is sorry, coz she was on vacation and her bf handled her account for her!!

She also said her bf was extremely rude (which he was, more about that later), and that she will mail out my package ASAP - and asked me for my name to write on the package!


In an email 1 hour prior to this, she said that she "already mailed the package out".

QUIT FUCKING PROCRASTINATING AND SEND OUT THE BLOODY THING ALREADY! I don't fucking care if you put my name as Mickey Mouse or Britney Spears, just send it out!

And 1 week prior to THIS NONSENSE, the incoherent BF actually lied to me and said he will mail out the package on 27 April!! I won the bid on 18 April!! Now what date already the package is still in their house!!


I just emailed Paypal and filed a dispute against her. $500!! I don't want her bloody phone already!!

I am so pissed off (and mad with longing for the phone) that I am actually crying in anger right now as I am writing this!

Can you believe it was a birthday present?? And now, it's still MIA?!??!!



The girl seems nice enough, why is she with a rude, incoherent douchebag? Seriously man, that guy can't string a sentence together!!

But whatever la! We'll see what happens.

UPDATE: She apologized and agreed to refund me. I'll let you all know if she really does.

** FAQs for zhnging:

Q) Woah! You spent 7 hours sticking damn bling? Please, don't you have a life?

A) Woah! You spend 7(++) hours a day working for someone else? Don't you have a life?

Q) Xiaxue please... My niece is dying/daughter's birthday/long suffering mother and it's mother's day soon... can you help me put crystals on XXX product? Please? Out of the kindness of your heart?

A) No. Pay me money or fuck off, you opportunistic scrooge. I'm 100% pro capitalism.

Q) Then how much do you charge? How about $20? Or maybe $25? We can negotiate.

A) I already earn way too much for you to afford my services. HAHAHAHA!! For $20 I will stick the crystals onto your forehead for you, forming the words IDIOT in big shiny letters. Colour of your choice.