Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lazy? I don't think so.

I'm in quite an awful mood now. Can't quite say the reason, but well, feeling a little bored at home so I thought I'd blog and complain.


Seriously man. Since I was a kid, I've always been shaken awake even during weekends by my daddy, as he thinks that anytime after 11am is unacceptable to be still sleeping.

Now, as I grow older, of course my daddy doesn't shake me awake anymore, but instead I get phone calls or Mike, etc, all trying to wake me up early.

Often, I get stuff like this:

Caller: "Hello?"

Me, groggy: "Yeahhhhhhhhhh?"

Caller: "OMG! You ARE STILL SLEEPING? It's already 3pm for god's sake. You are so lazy/such a pig etc etc."

Me, curious but want to get back to sleep: "What do you want?"

Caller: "Never mind, nothing."

Me: "WHAT IS IT???!"

Caller: "Never mind la! I call you back later."


I think being waken up prematurely is among one of the most irritating things to happen to anyone.

And this happened with SO MANY PEOPLE, SO MANY TIMES, that I am not even targeting anyone in particular.

FIRST, I SLEEP TILL WHENEVER I WANNA, AND I DON'T NEED TO BE JUDGED BY YOU. If you don't like it that I sleep till 3pm, then simply don't call me anymore!

And secondly, if you want to call me just tell me what it's for, because I will be fucking curious and cannot continue sleeping anymore!


That is so FUCKING presumptuous of them! LAZY? Really? What defines lazy? Someone who keeps noctural hours?

Let me tell you fuckheads: I AM NOT LAZY. I simply SLEPT LATE.

Which part of SLEPT LATE don't you understand?

And if I slept at 12pm after a dozen hours of overnight MJ, I AM LIKELY TO BE ASLEEP AT 3pm ISN'T IT???

I don't think I sleep "the whole day". I slept at 4am and woke up at 12pm today. 8 hours is a lot meh? It's perfectly normal what! You also "sleep the whole night", and I am not judging you for it, am I?

I don't get what's with people who rise early coz they have to work and their tendency to assume that everyone should keep the same hours as them.

Really? Oh? You wake up at 7am and go to work and do productive stuff all day till 12am when you sleep? Wow! You mean that's the way the world functions? SO WHAT? CANNOT BE DIFFERENT MEH?

I HATE waking up early because I've got nothing to do at home in the afternoons and it's so fucking hot! I like being awake at night coz Mike's sleeping so I can use the aircon and surf the net in comfort.

I like the night and I don't have to justify myself.

It is not MY FAULT that you people have to wake up early coz your job demands it, and my job doesn't!

I believe if everyone had a choice, nobody would choose to be woken up by a bloody alarm clock every morning.

Provided that you earn the same amount and do the same amount of work, of course everyone will choose to wake up at whatever time they feel comfortable at what!!

Feel so angry with the world right now.

Only fellow bummers can understand what I mean!! My friend who is nocturnal too was telling me how his mother often shakes him up at 11am and will turn off aircon etc to heat him awake.

OMG! I feel so sad for him!! Additionally, he is the insomniac type so it's like after he gets woken up he can't go back to sleep anymore.

Yeah. So you people stop hounding me!!

Very grumpy!!

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p/s: As the date shows I blogged this some time ago so I am not really angry anymore... Haha!!