Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New website design

I am, and I am sure you are too, THOROUGHLY SICK OF MY WEBSITE'S LOOK!

It was all perfect and gorgeous a few years ago, but now I'm really quite bored by it!

I no longer look like the banner. That pair of boots has long been thrown away and replaced by other camel suede boots. That This Fashion corset has yellowed and might still be around somewhere. Gotta remember to throw it away. Skirt still around though!

Anyway, the flash designer, Alan, has promised me to make me a new banner, but so far he has been busy and this has also gone nowhere!!

So. To summarize, I am welcoming:

1) A website designer (or and team) to help me come up with a new creative concept (i.e. classic/girly/edgy etc... I have an idea but it's very vague so I need help) for my blog's new outlook, and then of course help me design it.

2) A photographer to take photos to this concept. Or the photographer can help me come up with the concept instead of the website designer. Either way!

Alan said he will design the flash banner if there is going to be one, so that part is settled!!

Eh... I don't have money to pay of course, but of course you'll be linked from here and can add my website's design to your portfolio!!

If your portfolio is already full to the brim then maybe you'd do it coz... you like my blog? Ehehehe!!

Ok then, interested people please email me at with some past works attached!!


Thanks thanks!!

Update: FUCK OFF, YOU PEOPLE! What's with the insults?

I *should* pay for a website designer? Why? Coz I said I am pro-capitalism?

I am not asking anyone to do a design for me for FREE. I said I will give an ad + link for as long as the design is up there.

Did you know what's the value of Alan's (my flash designer) link being up there on my flash banner?

The value of that for ONE SINGLE MONTH, based on blogads rates (the rates you see there are for weekly only) for websites with my kind of traffic, is about USD$9,000.


I've had it sit there for more than a year already, right?

That's USD$108,000 in ad value.

And that's not just internet money. People PAY THAT SORT OF REAL MONEY, and that's what I AM BARTERING FOR.

I think it is a muthafucking bloody good deal.

Any designer who is too blind to see the value of this, I am not interested to work with.

If you think you are a designer who does not NEED excess advertising because you are already too good, then fair enough... YOU DON'T NEED TO HELP ME, AND I DON'T HAVE TO HAVE YOU.

Give this chance to many other upcoming talented designers who are craving for a chance for more exposure!

Besides, I'm sure this is a creative avenue for designers who wish to do something more fun than designing boring corporate websites. If you think you will enjoy this, then of course you can feel free to email me.

If you think it's a chore, and just another piece of work for you, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE PASSION, and I think that that's what designers need the most - so you are not likely to be any good anyway. No loss to me. :)

And if you are neither talented or a designer, then please... shut the FUCK UP. It is none of your business, you little busybody fuckface.

p/s: I have already shortlisted a designer and Alan said he will continue doing the flash for me. However, I AM STILL STUCK BECAUSE I DUNNO WHAT THEME I WANT!

I'm sick of the pastel colours so I want something a little less maternal and a little more edgy and grown up. What do you think? If you have any suggestions let me know! NO PRINCESSY PLEASE! I just said a little more grown up!!

I don't know why I am bothering though. I look at all the other bloggers' blogs and they are either thoroughly amatuerish and cluttered, or too basic for any personality.

But I'm should persevere and make the website chio, right?!?!